• Exciting and explosive times ahead!!

  • The next 15 days or so could bring sudden and expected happenings into our lives regarding the matters of the house axis involved and particularly if you have any planets and/or angles between 20-24° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). It’s a very volatile and explosive energy that we have to deal with so let’s hear your stories folks!!

    February 26th   Mars conjunct Uranus at 21°58’ Aries

    February 27th   Mars opposite Jupiter retrograde at 22°26’ (Aries-Libra)

    March 1st          Uranus opposite Jupiter retrograde at 22°09’  (Aries-Libra)


    Image: Liquid Explosion Painting! by Mark Chadwick


    Ugggh.....my natal Saturn and Neptune are conjunct at 23 Libra 8th house. Natal Uranus is either 18 or 20 Cance in my 5th, I can't recall. This has been an awful week. Last Wednesday my beloved 10 year old little cat, Dot went missing. She never leaves the yard, follows me around, sleeps with me. I have searched daily for her, knocked on doors, passed out flyers, checked the local shelters.....I am beside myself. I don't know how the current astro dynamics might play into this sudden and painful experience, but it is certainly unsettling. I feel like I am in a fog and cannot access my native intuition. Thanks for listening....

    Hi Linda, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat missing, I hope you've found her by now or that she has returned home on her own. Transiting Jupiter going back and forth over your natal Neptune, even though it is conjunct natal Saturn, can lead to a lot of confusion and thus the fog you mention, it will pass. Please feel free to write anytime you wish, I love listening to people :-)

    well, this eclipse was inmy 12th house trine my moon, with natalsunandvenusin piscesin this house, then the uranus jupiter oppostion was opposing and conjuncting my natal jupiter at 26 libra andall in all so far a disappointing day. My planned adult education U3A sewing class didn't take off as the two enrold students failed to turn up or let me know. I phone both andone was seleling her house and the other, amale, was seeing aspeicalist in a major city. So do I continue or let htis one go. Icurrently have T pluto opp natal saturn andhave been trying sine 1998 to get this sewing tuition business off the ground. Even with U3A i can't appear to give my knowkedge away - pity there is 63 years of it along with formal trainingin this field.

    Patricia, don't give up, Pluto-Saturn transits are times when things just don't move, when we feel we've been working so hard to obtain something and nothing seems to come of it, so wait until the transit is past and see what happens because things really are changing under this transit and with Uranus opposing your natal Jupiter and Jupiter coming up to its return (after 12 years) something will surely happen!