• Another chapter of the never-ending story

    The New Moon will occur at 28°26’ Cancer (antiscion 1°34° Gemini) in a partile opposition to retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. This is the second New Moon in Cancer this season, these “double New Moons” occur approximately every 29 months or so and are also called “Black Moons” by some astrologers. Both the Moon and Saturn are in their own sign and thus strong but each in the detriment of the other…working together to find a compromise could end up badly since they seem to be partners in crime rather than strong planets aimed at bettering everything including themselves.

    The lunation chart has an equal distribution between the Water and Earth elements but with only one planet in the future-oriented, rational Air element. We could put our emotions to a very practical use (with difficulty due to 3 of the Earth planets being retrograde) but we may be too concentrated on today with little regard for what might happen tomorrow. The heavy Cardinal emphasis of this chart (7 planets) wants action now but we may not have the staying power to make it over the long run.

    The Moon and Sun are also on the same degree as the lunar nodes making this lunation a key player over the coming month, but with retrograde Saturn checking our every move from stern Capricorn and both planets in their own dignity but in each other’s detriment means that neither planet likes how the other is behaving and so each will be his own exclusive cheer leader.

    The rulers of the nodes (Gemini-Mercury, Sagittarius-Jupiter) are also on the Capricorn-Cancer axis (Mercury in Cancer, Jupiter R in Capricorn).

    Jupiter is sextile Neptune speaking of a possibility of indecision/delusion/deception/dreaming big and both are in a rather wide separating orb to this New Moon (opposition for Jupiter and trine for Neptune) could this general “fuzziness” blot out a lot of this New Moon’s intentions?

    Mercury is about to sextile Uranus in Taurus – perhaps sudden innovative ideas about how to move forward are within easy reach or could it be that Uranus will throw a curve ball at our plans by mixing up the cards after they’ve been dealt? And of course, Uranus is ruled by Venus which is now transiting in Mercury’s sign!

    Mercury is also applying a square to Mars in Aries which could make our communicative manners seem bossy and harsh as we try to protect/defend ourselves from those in control so expect uncontrolled emotions to come out verbally as arguments arise between facts and fiction. Accidents during travel or short trips are not to be ruled out with this transit either, so please be prudent when travelling. This is the second exact square between these two planets, the first one, with Mercury retrograde, occurred on 8th July but the square remains active until the early days of August.

    Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have a particularly easy month ahead.

    New Moons are the moment we set our intentions for the month ahead regarding the house where the New Moon falls in our chart. It falls on the 4th-10th house axis in traditional astrology, the private vs public, mother vs father, fluidity vs rigidity etc.

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phases” calls this the “Daughter’s Moon” and likens it to the myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone who was abducted into the Underworld by Hades (Pluto). He therefore attributes painful conflicts with family members to this and all the other Cancer moon phases and on this Moon he recommends that we examine our relationships with close ones, especially those which involve nurturing received or given.

    The Sabian symbol for 29 Cancer: “A Greek muse weighing new-born twins in golden scales.” Indicating the intuitive weighing of alternatives.

    For the antiscion at 2 Gemini: “Santa Claus furtively filling stockings hanging in front of the fireplace.” Indicating a rewarded faith in spiritual blessings.

    “Opposition provides choices, and choices bring consequences – good or bad.” Ezra Taft Benson



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    Artwork: myskypie2020