• Launch date 9 May 2018 in Imabari Japan, no time given so chart has local noon time.

    Data retrieved from https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ever_Given accessed 27 March 2021

    Angles in fixed signs aren’t considered suitable for travel, Sun, chart ruler in fixed Earth sign Taurus is at the top of the chart perhaps indicating that the ship is too high above the water and the opposition to Jupiter R in Scorpio conjunct IC and in 4th shows that the vessel is far too big and heavy.

    The 9th house of long journeys is ruled by Mars which is exalted in Capricorn and parallel Saturn by declination, placed in the unfortunate 6th house, Mars also rules the 4th (the end of the matter). Sun, ruler of Ascendant is conjunct MC and peregrine in Taurus, Sun is also parallel North Node by declination some fortune is to be had. The Moon in this noon chart is VOC but not having a correct time could mean the Moon is already in Pisces, a Water sign much more congenial for a ship than an Air sign. Sun has just left an opposition to Jupiter R conjunct IC, peregrine in Scorpio and ruler of the 8th and 5th houses. Jupiter is in the 4th and rules the 8th  and Jupiter is ruled by Mars which in turn is ruler of 9th and the 4th. Journeys can be troublesome/cause anguish.

    Mercury is in 9th house Aries, ruled by Mars. Lilly gives winds to Mercury and Mercury is applying a square to Mars so perhaps difficulty with winds during long journeys?

    This ship also had an accident in Hamburg Germany on the 9 February 2019 similarly due to strong winds and the ungovernability of the vessel. At that time the transiting South Node was conjunct natal Mars and the transiting nodal axis formed an exact T square with transiting Mars in 9th house. The transiting nodal axis was ruled by Moon (NN) and Saturn (SN).

    Anyone else have any considerations about this chart?