• Basics in Astrology 1

  • Let’s do some basic astrology.
    I’d like to explain the meanings of the more personal planets in our natal chart:

    The Sun represents who you are and how you seek to express your authentic big self

    The Moon represents what you need emotionally in order to feel safe

    Mercury represents how you think and how you process information

    Venus represents what you like, how you want to be loved and appreciated

    Mars represents what you want and how you take action

    Jupiter represents your philosophy about life

    Saturn represents what you fear and how you expect authority figures to be like

    The significance in the birth chart of the outer planets will be explained in a later article
    The Ascendant shows how we act, the mask under which we greet the world
    The Descendant (opposite side of the chart from the Ascendant) shows you we react to other people
    The Medius Coeli (Mid-heaven) or MC shows how we go about getting what we aspire to in the outside world
    The Immum Coeli or IC shows where we are coming from, our family background