To continue our reasoning in the two earlier “back to basics” articles; that the planets are the actors and the signs are the costumes, then we can consider the houses as the scene where the action takes place.

    The horoscope circle or zodiac wheel is divided into twelve houses. The positions of these houses are linked to the Ascendant-Descendant axis and often, but not always, to the Midheaven-Imum Coeli axis and the time and place of birth, as well as the date, are required to calculate these.

    The points that separate the houses are known as “house cusps.”

    There are several types of house systems commonly in use and each astrologer has their own preferred house system. These systems differ in the methods used to determine the various houses since they have been developed over different periods of time and cultures. The Equal house system is thought to be one of the oldest whilst Koch is the most recent, having been developed in the 1970’s.


    The Meanings of the Astrological Houses
    1st House
    The 1st house is often described as the most important since it’s representation of the “self” forms the basis for all other spheres in life.

    Keywords for 1st house: I am, appearance, persona, how one relates to the outside world and interacts with it.

    2nd House
    Connected with one’s values, money, resources, self-worth.
    Keywords for 2nd house: I own, security (material and psychological), possessions, wealth

    3rd House
    Describes neighbours, siblings, relatives, primary studies, how you think and communications.

    Keywords for 3rd house: I think, short distance travel, learning, knowledge

    4th House
    Describes where you come from

    Keywords for 4th house: I feel, my past, your home environment, your parents (usually your Father), your past, your origins

    5th House
    Describes your creative talents which include your children, your love affairs, the way you enjoy yourself.

    Keywords for 5th house: I enjoy, pleasure, sex, gambling, fun, gambling and investments

    6th House
    Describes how we serve others in our work and everyday life. It also shows our attitude to health which includes diets and exercise regimes.

    Keywords for 6th house: I serve, daily activity, work, hygiene, small animals (not always)

    7th House
    Describes the other person and what we seek in a relationship be this personal or business

    Keywords for 7th house: I commit myself, our partner, spouse in one-to-one relationships, our open enemies and the way we experience the other

    8th House
    This is the house of transformation, of emotional crisis which can include death and rebirth (psychological), it also deals with other peoples’ money and thus taxes and inheritances.

    Keywords for 8th house: I probe, regeneration, occult, sex, deep emotions

    9th House
    In this house you expand your horizons, travelling abroad or through higher education, you test out your ideas about religion and your philosophy of life.

    Keywords for 9th house: I believe, long distance travel, higher education, teaching, religion

    10th House
    This house represents the highest point in our natal chart.
    Keywords for 10th house: My calling, career and vocation, lifestyle, achievement, prestige, ambition, your Mother (or Father in some cases)

    11th House
    This house indicates what we seek from relationships with friends and groups and how we fit in with them. It can also indicate the nature of ones hopes and dreams.
    Keywords for 11th house: My friends, acquaintances, groups, communities, charity work, hope and dreams

    12th House
    This house describes the hidden and the mysterious and can show unconscious drives which are difficult to grasp. It also rules institutions such as hospitals, prisons and all things that are hidden from society.
    Keywords for 12th house: I dream, collective unconscious, mysticism, sacrifice, hidden enemies, self-transcendence, institutions