As the start of the new astrological year the Aries ingress sets the general tone for the year to come. This is the ingress for Rome, Italy.

    A quick overview:

    Chart ruler Mercury is in detriment and fall in Pisces in the 7th house of allies and public enemies (our allies could actually become our enemies too if we fail to get our debts in order) and in tight conjunction with Jupiter ruler of allies and homeland. We need the former to save the latter and both planets are applying a conjunction to Neptune so rumours, fake news and unfilled promises could be blown out of proportion.

    Mercury also rules the 10th of government.

    Prime Minister is usually signified by Sun in a mundane chart, here the planet is in the 8th house (5° rule) our financial debts, ruled by Mars in the 6th house together with Venus and Saturn. The work force is unhappy about their financial situation and Saturn amplifies those fears but also invites more responsibility about these matters.

    Moon, the people, on the final “all-or-nothing” degree of Libra is in the 3rd house (5° rule) of rumours and communications square Pluto (we are perhaps obsessed by our own thoughts) and quincunx Sun, there is friction between the people and government that needs to be resolved about the unease (6th house quincunx) that people are feeling about the situation in general. Moon is ruled by Venus in 6th which in turns rules 2nd and 9th (finances and foreign aid). What is the real nature of the communications and news we are receiving (is it all good as it may seem?) and how will this affect our jobs? Saturn in 6th could also be interpreted as a fear of losing our jobs.

    Mars and Venus square Uranus – shocking propaganda or unexpected rules and regulations or news from abroad connected to our debts and foreign policy. Will EU withdraw a part of the extensive financial help they promised?

    Mars, Venus and Saturn in 6th could also indicate that Covid will still be part of the picture during the year.

    Just a few of my thoughts on this chart. Please feel free to comment too.

    Chart: Solar Fire, Placidus houses, true node.