• 20 marzo 2021 Rome 10:37:28 CET

    For experts in mundane astrology (which I am not!) the Sun’s ingress into each of the four Cardinal signs marks the start of a new 3-month cycle for the location for which the chart is set. The Aries ingress, just like a Solar Return, gives an overall idea of what kind of year to expect.

    The chart I will be discussing is set for the Aries ingress in the city of Rome, Italy.

    At a first glance we can see that all the planets are above the horizon indicating that we are willing to take our fate into our own hands and do something about it.  The four chart angles are all in mutable signs indicating a restless year. There is only one planet in a Fire sign, we need some help in getting started but the majority of planets in the mutable signs allows us to plan ahead and be flexible which is good.

    In the definition of the houses (which are different to those in natal astrology) I will be incorporating some of the meanings given to these houses by the late German mundane astrologer Elsbeth Ebertin (14 May 1988- 28 November 1944).

    The first house and its ruler provide information about the general wellbeing of the populace and their health. The ruler of the Ascendant is Mercury conjunct MC, in Pisces where it is in its detriment and fall. Not perhaps the best of starts for our interpretation! Mercury is about to square Mars, in 12th house and ruler of the 6th (workforce) and 11th (parliament), that the populace is unhappy about the decisions of the parliament is no secret and Mars is placed in the house of secret enemies/isolation and self-undoing (12th).

    The second house regards national wealth, ruled by Moon, peregrine in Gemini and also in the 12th house (Moon also represents the people in mundane charts as does the 1st house and its ruler). Moon is about to square Neptune in 10th (prestige of the country and its prime minister), confusion is again highlighted.

    The third house rules communication, press, transport. The Sun rules the 3rd house and is in the 10th house and is ruled by Mars since it has just entered Aries. The Sun will sextile Mars (its ruler and the workforce) giving them an opportunity to voice their opinions to the government (10th) as also shown by the imminent Mercury-Mars square (perhaps a confrontation in a rather crass manner).

    The fourth house, according to Ebertin also shows how the opposition parties confront the government. The fourth house is ruled by Mercury (like the Ascendant), the opposition is weak and unable to act.

    The fifth house includes amusements and pleasures as well as the public morale in general (Ebertin). Venus rules the fifth house, exalted in Pisces but only for a short time since soon Venus will enter Aries and its detriment. Most of the country has very recently gone back in lock-down and public pleasures and amusements are now no longer an option. Venus is also exactly square the Ascendant/Descendant axis, self-restraint is difficult, we all want to be out and about enjoying ourselves!

    The sixth house is the workforce in general, ruled by Mars in this chart, in isolation in the 12th house and also ruling the 11th house (parliament). Mars is about to trine Saturn before it is squared by Mercury, a failure to act (Mars-Saturn) due to confused thoughts (Mercury in Pisces).

    The seventh house is about our allies and public enemies, ruled by Jupiter which also rules the 10th, Jupiter is in 9th house of foreign aid, lets’ hope they come to our rescue but with Saturn also in 9th and ruling 9th it seems like there may be some delays.

    The eighth house deals with our national debt among other things, ruled by Saturn in dignity in Aquarius and placed in the 9th house which it also rules, our debts are hefty and money from shared resources promised as compensation for our workforce will be delayed. Pluto also resides in 8th our tax system needs to be completely reformed.

    The ninth house is the house of foreign trade, as mentioned previously both Jupiter and Saturn are there, promises are big but facts less so.

    The 10th house regards our prime minister and the prestige and popularity of our government. Ruled by Jupiter, peregrine in 9th, our prestige and prosperity is in the hands of “others”.

    The 11th house is our parliament, ruled by Mars (like the 6th house workers) in isolation and self-undoing in the 12th house.

    The 12th house ruled by an exalted Venus in 10th and with Moon (the people) and Mars (the workforce/parliament) in isolation (people/workforce) and parliament seemingly its own worst enemy we can only hope that the fortunate North Lunar Node ruled by a fallen Mercury can pull us out of the mire.



    Elsbeth Ebertin (2021) “The Houses in Mundane Astrology” The Mountain Astrologer Issue 216: pp 40-41