• ….the soul-searching is over, time to transform and… time to break free!

    On the 28th September Pluto will station direct at 16°51’ Capricorn after just over 5 months of being retrograde. This station will involve those with planets/angles between 14-19° of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

    Pluto is concerned with power, regeneration, survival, transformation, sex, obsession and possessiveness. Pluto is the god of the Underworld. Pluto in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is concerned with the deep-reaching transformation of social order, laws and hierarchies. He often works subtly (in our psyche) but always relentlessly and he can be an over-achiever, by using his power and persuasion for his own means, in this Saturn-ruled sign.

    During the Pluto retrograde period, matters that were previously too painful to face may have bubbled up from our unconsciousness and we may have met these in the physical realm where we were forced to deal with them. Pluto energy invites us to confront and transform that which is in dire need of change. This period may also have provided us with the opportunity to find some of the latent sources of power inside ourselves allowing us to harness them in an appropriate way.

    Pluto shows us the reality of our limitations and even more so since it moved into Capricorn in 2008. The retrograde period has really been a huge invitation to become more fully aware of the resources we hide in our inner depths. Failure to do this could have led to external events that may have puzzled and/or distressed us as we took on the role of victim.

    What was your experience of the retrograde period?

    Did it touch any of your personal planets?

    The Sabian symbol for 17° Capricorn: “A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism.” Indicating the escape from bondage to social inhibitions and a reliance upon the wisdom of the body.

    On the very same day, Jupiter transiting at 27°24’ Libra will oppose transiting retrograde Uranus at 27°24’ Aries. This transit will also involve those natal placements in the Cardinal signs between 25-29°.

    Jupiter in Libra is about exploration and possible growth in all forms of relationships through fairness and equality but it also deals with indecision about what or who to believe in. Uranus in Aries is about doing your own thing, often without considering the consequences or any other people involved. Being retrograde at the time of this opposition could put you more in contact with your soul purpose and your needs for personal freedom and expression…a time of processing that allows you to regroup and assimilate changes that have appeared suddenly and could have seemed unwanted or unnecessary thus often painful. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition might cause a lot of friction regarding a compromise between being with others whilst attending to our own needs of autonomy.

    The important point is not be too fixed or stagnant in the areas of the house axis where the planets are transiting, avoiding, where possible, to resist change since Uranus retrograde is really asking us to look below the surface of matters and to see them with true objectivity as soon as they are brought to our attention by outer events and Jupiter in Libra wants the best for all, ourselves included.

    The Sabian symbol for 28° Libra: “A man becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting him.” Indicating the realization, at any level of existence, that one is never alone, and that the “community” – visible or invisible – is sustaining one’s efforts.

    For 28° Aries: “A large audience confronts the performer who disappointed its expectations.” Indicating the necessity for mature preparation and self-criticism.


    We are going to have a lot on our plate, what’s your take on these transits?

    Are they hitting your natal chart?




    Rudhyar D. (1974) “An Astrological Mandala: the cycles of transformations and its 360 symbolic phases”. pp  190, 239, Vintage Books Edition, Random House Inc., New York, USA

    Image: Chasing After Death – Jamaican artist Paul Davey aka Mattahan