• Composition of human feature lines and symbolic elements suitable as a backdrop for the projects on human mind, consciousness, imagination, science and creativity

    The party sets off with Venus in Virgo semi-sextile Mercury in Libra (11°59’) so the communication starts flowing as we make an effort to pay attention and comprehend. We may be charming and graceful but very discerning or we may use astute flattery to swindle our loved one!

    Then, on October 22nd, Mercury moves to square Pluto in Capricorn (13’10°), Mercury in Libra wants balance and harmony (Libra) and can play with words to obtain this or, afraid of conflict (Libra), he may be unable to make a well-balanced decision. Pluto in Capricorn wants transformation especially of personal responsibilities, a word of caution: suspicions might run high and secretiveness could generate mistrust while honesty can add power to our words.

    Today we have excellent powers of observation but we may be obsessed by a particular thought so let’s not force our ideas on others. It’s much better to turn the energy inwards towards introspection in order to get in touch with the inner dimensions of our being so gaining greater awareness and control of them.

    The very next day Venus moves into a trine with Pluto at the same degrees (13°10’), Venus in Virgo is modest and very discerning in her choices, prim almost. Pluto wants intensity in, and control of, everything he touches, today you may be overwhelmed by the sheer power (Pluto) of your love (Venus) for another person or vice versa you may be bowled over by someone who wants to control you and your life.

    If you do start a new relationship under this transit it will be very deep and passionate, almost with a fated quality to it but I suggest waiting until the transit is well past before making any long term commitment to this person…you may find it too karmic!!