• FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS ON 20TH JUNE 2016 (another one)

  • Earthlore Explorations Lore of Astrology Sagittarius  Moon in Sagittarius Manuscript Detailhttpswww.google.iturlsa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjs3K74leHMAhUKnRQKHaisAi0QjhwIBQ&ur…..the second Full Moon in a month on the same zodiacal axis (Sagittarius-Gemini)

    This is rather a rare event and thus more significant than a Blue Moon which involves either 2 Full Moons in a month or 4 Full Moons in a season.

    It will occur at 29°33’ of Sagittarius…29° of any sign is considered as a “threshold” point in some way (it’s also known as the Anaretic degree). It often represents decision-making problems, wavering, or jumping into situations without thinking twice. The 29th degree is the last degree of the zodiac sign, and there can be a true feeling of urgency involving the characteristics of the sign it is to be found in. A general weakness could also be present in this area of the chart and it could be a point of unfortunate choices, problems, calamities, or overcompensation.

    The last time that the lunation occurred in the same signs was in July and August of 2013 (Aquarius-Leo) and to find one on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis we have to go back to 22nd May and 20th June 1997!!

    Full Moons are times of harvest, the climax of the lunar cycle when energy is at its topmost…and we would do well to recognize this fact…that it can’t get any better (or worse) than this regarding whatever intentions we set on the previous New Moon.

    Since Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon oppose each other it is therefore during this time that we may feel tension in regard to integrating the matters of the houses that are facing each other.

    This Full Moon falls on the 9th-3rd axis of the traditional horoscope. It’s about wisdom vs knowledge, intuition vs reason, long vs short journeys, morality vs amorality etc. If you have planets or angles at 1-2° of the mutable signs of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces then this Full Moon could have a bigger influence for you. Nevertheless, it will illuminate an area of our lives that we may have preferred to have kept hidden since the last New Moon, now is the right occasion to explore it more deeply.

    If the Full Moon aspects a natal planet then it urges us to reflect upon how we are presently using that planetary energy and how we could devise plans to act upon and thus set our intentions on the next New Moon regarding any changes we might deem necessary. Or, we may sense internally or be alerted through external happenings the outcome of the intentions we set on the previous New Moon.

    Raven Kaldera, author of “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this the “Priest’s Moon” and invites us to “reflect about the traditions and beliefs we hold (religious or otherwise) and if we are able to objectively question them. If we think that we hold no fixed beliefs then maybe we could ask our friends if they think that this it true and be ready to listen carefully to their answers about ourselves.”

    The Full Moon occurs just a few hours before the Summer Solstice or Equinox in Cancer. Equinoxes always occur in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and signal the start of a new season…in this case summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern. Equinoxes hail new beginnings and new chapters in our lives and are believed to be important energy gateways.

    The Sabian symbol for 30° Sagittarius: “The Pope blessing the faithful” Indicating the need to pay homage to traditional values upon which the Invisible Community of the spirit is built.

    For 30° Gemini: “A parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds.” Indicating the setting of social standards through personal excellence and competition.

    A motto for this Full Moon could be:  In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. (George Orwell)


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    Image: Earthlore Explorations Lore of Astrology in Sagittarius, Moon in Sagittarius Manuscript Detail, Google search accessed on 18.05.2016