• Will Queen Elizabeth II Abdicate? If so, When?

  • Seeing as many astrologers like to make predictions for the upcoming year, here’s mine!

    Will Queen Elizabeth II Abdicate? If so, When?

    14th December 2017, Cattolica, Italy 21.17   Asc. 22°18’ Cancer

    I am the person asking the question and, being British, the Queen is my Queen so 10th house.

    L10 Venus at 16°55’ Sagittarius

    Her role/job as Queen is the turned 10th (radix 7th): Saturn 29°22’ Sagittarius

    Part of resignation and dismissal: Saturn+Venus-Sun (269 22 + 223 49 – 263 02 = 230 09) 20°09’ Scorpio

    There are no aspects between Venus and Saturn but both are in the same sign and are thus in mutual reception, the Moon is also VOC, all this would lean towards a NO.

    The ruler of Venus (and of Saturn) is Jupiter ruling the Queen’s 8th (her legacy) and her 11th (her hopes and wishes) and is just inside the turned 7th (contracts and agreements).

    Saturn, however, is on the verge of changing signs, losing the mutual reception with Venus and entering its own sign which is a strong testimony for a change being made soon, Jupiter, ruler of Venus, will be in its fall in Capricorn.

    Venus (peregrine in Sagittarius and therefore “evil”) is about to conjoin Mercury, which is retrograde and in detriment in Sagittarius. Mercury rules the Queen’s turned 2nd (her finances) and 5th (her children) houses. With Mercury being retrograde and in the detriment both of Venus and Saturn I think we can identify this planet with Charles, the heir to the throne, unpraised and unwanted both by the Queen and the job. Both planets are about to leave combustion hinting that some unknown agreements or contracts may soon come to the light, perhaps regarding financial matters (both planets are still just inside the Queen’s 7th by more than 5°).

    Saturn has just entered combustion so matters regarding the job are going on behind closed doors and the sign change occurs whilst the planet is in this debilitated condition. Saturn also rules the turned 9th, the Queen’s grandchildren, suggesting that the job will be taken over by William.

    I believe that the Queen will abdicate in favour of her grandson William.

    I think that this will happen when Saturn, then in Capricorn, will be totally out of the Sun’s beams (not only out of combustion) so Sun has to move to 20° 11’ Capricorn (6 48 + 20 11), 27 time units before Saturn is “free”. At that same moment Venus will be cazimi (all powerful), conjunct Pluto (in her 8th house of death and rebirth) and sextile the Part of resignation and dismissal, whilst Mars will be exactly conjunct and Jupiter will be applying to conjoin this Arabian part too.

    I will use a medium time frame so approx. 27 weeks which takes us to 20/21 June 2018 (Prince William’s birthday) when the abdication will take place.

    And to go really out on a limb:

    I assume she will give prior notice of this important event and may even do this during her yearly Christmas discourse. I’ll take this as a third house matter (so Moon rules her third) and Moon is separating from Jupiter ruler of the Queen and her role in approx. 1.5 time units which would perfectly fit a December 25th date.

    This is a horary chart interpretation. The chart details are 14th December 2017, 21.17 CET, Cattolica, Italy


    Disclaimer: Astrological analysis is interpretive in nature and therefore cannot be viewed as a science or as capable of absolute accuracy. Astrology examines likelihood, potential and probability – it cannot describe fixed outcomes, trends or traits. It is my task as an astrologer to identify these possibilities by reading a symbolic language, a process that is subjective in nature.