• Venus in SagittariusVENUS ENTERS SAGITTARIUS

    After approximately twenty-days stay in Scorpio’s deep and murky waters Venus now enters the more free-wheeling sign of Sagittarius.

    Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and this rather over-optimistic planet might induce Venus to yearn ecstasy in some form, especially during the days when it will be in a square aspect to transiting Neptune in dreamy Pisces (December 3-4). Rules often also mean a lot to Venus in this sign, inviting others to follow our rules as we preach what we often don’t practice may therefore be another way of expressing itself…this trait may also show itself up in relationships where the “do as I say” becomes more important than the “do as I do” and infidelity takes on a new meaning.

    Venus will make the following aspects during its journey through Sagittarius:

    30 November-1 December opposite Mars R (18°47’) – friction concerning who knows what and who’s going to tell what and how nicely this can be put.

    1-2 December sextile Saturn (19°55’): being responsible could be one of its effects another could be creating a bond with an older person.

    3-4 December square Neptune (22°38’): following your heart could bring confusion into your head.

    9 December square Jupiter (29°13’): both planets on the all-or-nothing anaretic degree, you can actually be too self-indulgent, you know that don’t you?

    However, it’s often a fun placement so go ahead and enjoy!

    Artwork: myskypie2022