• Venus in LeoVENUS ENTERS LEO

    Venus, the planet of values, love, and finances, enters the sign of Leo where it is in for a very long stay (just over 4 months) due to its retrograde period which begins on 22-23 July and ends on 04 September entering Virgo on the 09 October.

    In Leo, Venus feels courted and pampered (after all Leo is the King and she is the Goddess!), she hates to be ignored and seeks attention, which isn’t difficult for her since she adds her own talents to Leo’s natural penchant for passion, generosity and warmth towards others. Venus rules the sign of Taurus (her more practical side involving finances and comforts in general) and Libra (love, harmony and relationships) so you should look not only to the house placement of natal Venus but also to the house that Venus is transiting as well as to the houses which have Taurus and Libra on their cusps since the affairs of these houses will also be under scrutiny as will any natal planets or angles that Venus aspects during the transit through Leo.

    The first two important aspects that Venus makes in Leo are:

    An opposition to an almost stationary Pluto at 00°05’ on the 5th of June (Leo-Aquarius): this could involve using guilt and jealousy as a way to exert power over a loved one so try to avoid letting hidden resentments and tension bubble up to the surface.

    A square to Jupiter at 05°37’ on 11th June (Leo-Taurus): a lazy day where anything goes, just keep an eye on the finances!

    “Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.” Khalil Gibran

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