• The caring partner or the stingy lover?

    The most motherly of signs welcomes the most loving of planets and it looks like we’re in for almost a month of tender, caring love or are we?

    One of the images of Venus in Cancer is certainly that of the romantic figure forever in love with Prince or Princess Charming. Venus, of course, doesn’t rule only love, it also covers, among many things, finances, self-esteem and all the things that gratify us. Venus responds to everything that makes us feel good, comfortable and happy. In traditional astrology Venus is known as the Lesser Benefic and considered a fortunate planet. The sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon and its fluctuating phases, lends a rather restless nature to any transiting planet.

    So, in Cancer, we may find not only a clingy, maternal Venus but also a fickle one, never completely happy with his or her lot, never sure about how much to give unconditionally.  Venus here is more compassionate than actually physically passionate. Viewing this placement from the a “giving” point of view we might like to remember that the glyph for Cancer is a crab and (hermit) crabs retreat into their shells when their security is threatened likewise Venus in Cancer never gives totally (be it about love or money)….self-security is far more important than surrendering completely and ending up defenceless or moneyless.

    During its stay in Cancer Venus will make some very rapid but rather important connections to the other planets:

    18th August: sextile retrograde Uranus (10°41’) – enjoy some fun-time with friends.

    25th August: opposite retrograde Jupiter (17°55’) – don’t eat too much because everything sweet is tempting today.

    27th August: trine retrograde Neptune (19°57’) – take a day off to daydream but don’t fall in love today!

    30th August opposite retrograde Pluto (22°46’) entanglements in love or finances need to be openly discussed, behind-the-scenes activities should be heartily discouraged and avoided.

    2nd September: opposite retrograde Saturn (25°54’) – could put a damper on fun in all its forms.

    4th September: square Mars (27°55)- fighting for love comes to mind.

    “O, swear not by the moon, the fickle moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circle orb, Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.” William Shakespeare

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