• Venus in AquariusVENUS ENTERS AQUARIUS

    Venus enters the cool, collected and independent sign of Aquarius and joins the rendezvous with the other 4 planets already in Aquarius (Pluto, Mars, Mercury and Sun).

    In this sign Venus wants the liberty to come and go as it pleases but this doesn’t necessarily mean unfaithfulness, just that equal rights and a seemingly no-strings-attached attitude need to be maintained for relationships to function.

    It’s the Venus placement par excellence for bed-buddies in a mix-and-match of friends becoming lovers and vice versa since Venus here is rather emotionally distant and has an attitude for open and unconventional relationships, fortunately jealousy is not one of its traits, however.

    Venus will make the following contacts as it moves through Aquarius:

    17/02 – conjunct Pluto (00°51’) – someone new could absolutely fascinate you or you could be totally disinterested in love matters since power games aren’t your style.

    21-22/02 – conjunct Mars (06°57’) – it takes two…..

    24-25/02 – square Jupiter (10°30’ Aquarius-Taurus) – happiness is?

    03/03 – square Uranus (19°39’ Aquarius-Taurus) – freedom calls!

    “I HOLD
    If I could have had
    him, I could have let him go.
    But without the having there was nothing—so to the nothing I hold.”
    ― Coco J. Ginger

    Artwork: myskypie2024