• Just some musings about the two candidates.

    All charts in Placidus house system. The transit chart was examined on 28 October 2020 and only considered the outer planet transits but the charts shown involve only natal placements with secondary progressions and solar arc transits in the middle and outer wheel.

    Let’s see what’s happening astrologically with the charts in question:





    Natal Nodal Return (29th October 2020), his nodal axis is conjunct Sun and Uranus (NN) and Moon (SN): a major crossroad in life (occurring every 18.5 years). A time of completion before moving into new areas of growth with different projects.

    At 74 years of age Donald Trump is in a South Node firdaria period (since June 2019 lasting until June 2021), his South Node, ruled by Jupiter, is conjunct his natal Moon (peregrine in Sagittarius), the sign of Cancer is intercepted in his 11th house and South Node is in opposition to Sun (also peregrine) and Uranus in Gemini, Sun rules his Ascendant which is conjunct the fortunate Royal Star Regulus. The South Node itself is ruled by a stationary Direct Jupiter in 2nd house Libra (ruler of 5th and 8th houses) where it is in its own terms (Ptolemy) and applying a square to Saturn in detriment in 11th house Cancer, Saturn rules intercepted 5th as well as 6-7th houses. This hasn’t been a very easy period so far for him.

    At 74 years of age he is also in a 3rd house profection year, ruled by Venus, in its own terms in Cancer, and conjunct Saturn both in 11th house, Venus also rules his MC.

    He is still in a Secondary Progressed New Moon phase in his 1st house:  a time for planting seeds.

    His Solar Arc Moon is antiscion his Secondary Progressed Ascendant…indicating perhaps his inappropriate behaviour but also being in the spotlight.

    His Solar Arc Uranus (meshed tightly in the natal chart with his NN and Sun) is conjunct his natal Ascendant and the aforesaid star Regulus. This is an anaretic degree described by astrologer Michele Adler as an “all or nothing” placement and, being in Leo, this could manifest as an all or nothing desire to take centre stage or get himself noticed at any cost. Regulus however gives and takes fame, with Uranus; friends become enemies later in life.

    Most importantly, in my opinion: transiting Neptune has been squaring his natal Sun-Uranus-NN opposite SN-Moon for the last 18 months or so and will continue to do so for the next year. Furthermore, Solar Arc Mercury and Secondary Progressed Moon (conjunct at 18° Virgo) add the missing link to the formation of Grand Mutable square. A very restless and stressful formation where interests are scattered over too many fields and actions become erratic as mental focus melts down into poor concentration. Donald Trump has no planets in the Earth element in his chart…being practical is hard for him. It’s a burn-out formation.


    At 77 years of age and until March 2022, Joe Biden is in a Sun/Mercury firdaria period, Sun, conjunct Mercury and Venus, is in Scorpio 12th house and they rule respectively, 9th, Asc and MC, 11th and 6th houses. An exalted Jupiter retrograde in Cancer 8th trines these three planets and rules the Ascendant and the IC. So, he is in a firdaria period involving all the angles in his chart, which being in the mutable signs gives a restless nature to his chart.

    At 77 years of age and until November 20th this year, he is in a 6th house profection year, 6th house is ruled by Venus which also rules his 11th and is placed in his 12th. From November 20th this year he will be in a 7th house profection year, ruled by Mercury, natal Uranus and Saturn, both retrograde, straddle his Descendant and Mercury rules his Descendant and MC.

    He is in a Secondary Progressed Moon phase in his 3rd house: a time for planting seeds.

    Transiting Jupiter (ruler of Asc and IC) is sextile natal Mercury (ruler of MC and Desc) this is a fortunate aspect but passing quickly.

    Solar Arc Moon is antiscion both Secondary Progressed and Solar Arc MC and sextiles natal MC, putting him in a position of prominence. His natal Moon is exalted in Taurus.


    I think that it will be a very hard battle with no holds barred on either side. Taking into account the long Neptune transit that involves the nodal axis and Sun-Moon opposition and receives a plug-in from Solar Arc Mercury forming a Great Mutable Square in Trump’s chart which I consider is debilitating at best.

    I give the victory to Biden.

    Astrological reasonings for or against this post are welcome…purely political comments are not and will be deleted.



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