• Pluto square the Lunar Nodal Axis

  • Pluto square the Lunar nodal axis (15th January 2015 at 15.35° Capricorn) and Uranus conjunct south Lunar Node (20th January 2015 at 15.26° Aries)

    The nodes and the planets involved are all in Cardinal signs, indicating that action should be taken responsibly (Capricorn) with courage (Aries) together with others (Libra), the missing leg of this Cardinal Grand Cross in Cancer invites us to be compassionate as we make these changes.

    With transiting Pluto in Capricorn squaring the transiting nodal Lunar axis (NN in Libra, SN in Aries), in mid-January, we should expect a shift in consciousness on a general world-wide level. The inner power that was previously lacking will now be found and used to make permanent and vast changes aimed at improving conditions and kicking bad habits or misdoings, finding a new level of compromise leading to peace and fairness. These changes will not come easily, there may be contestations on a global level with confrontations and power struggles, something will snap and a new order will be created. The South node will ask us to leave aggression and violence behind as we find this new direction.

    When the transiting South Lunar node conjoins transiting Uranus in Aries on 20th January 2015 we can again expect sudden and unforeseen events to occur on a global level, these events may be very positive and bring about a well-needed change. With Uranus involved it is always difficult to say beforehand what type of event will occur.

    For the individual charts look to the houses where Pluto and Uranus are now transiting and to the houses where Scorpio and Aquarius are to be found in order to understand which areas of your life might undergo transformation and change and also to the houses involved in your own personal nodal axis to see if these are involved in the transits too.

    The Moon’s nodes, also known as the Dragon’s Head (North node) and the Dragon’s Tail (South node), are the points of intersection where the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun crosses the Moon’s plane of orbit around the Earth. Since the orbit of the Moon has an inclination of 5° 09’ to the plane of the ecliptic, there are thus two nodes in the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. The nodes regress backwards along the ecliptic and employ 18.6 years to complete a full orbit spending about 18 months in each sign.


    Some modern astrologers describe the nodal axis as the “Axis of Fate” with the retrograde motion suggesting that present day happenings have their roots in the past, The North node represents the future and therefore we require some courage to enter unknown territory and the South node represents the past and the things we feel comfortable with. North node traits (our mission if you like) are to be cultivated and developed throughout our lifetime and events and opportunities that we meet during our existence push us (more or less gently) towards these qualities. To learn about this mission you must first identify the position of the nodes in your natal chart. Nodal qualities are investigated by looking at the sign and house they occupy in your chart.