• aa_olliver_synastryI attended a class a couple of years ago about synastry in couples and each participant was given two charts to compare. Mine were Pitt and Jolie!! So here’s the write-up I did at that time.

    With Jolie’s Gemini Sun conjunct Pitt’s DC in his 7th house there will

    be a fascinating attraction between the two that is difficult to break;

    she mirrors thetraits he looks for in a one-to-one relationship which

    are above all communication, intelligence and a certain “emotional


    Her Sun is also exactly square his Virgo Pluto, she is jealous,

    rebellious and demanding and resists his authority, it could also indicate infidelity or more often power

    struggles and control.

    His Sagittarius Sun in 1st falling in her 5th house makes her feel loved and desired (Scorpio cusp),

    boosting her optimism for life as well as sharing her love of children1. His Sun in opposition to her

    Gemini Mercury adds mental attraction and stimulation to the relationship although this could mean

    that understanding and reaching agreements might be difficult at times. His Sun also applies a

    trine to her Libra Uranus in 4th, home, values and children are the main theme, both benefit from

    this aspect which shows spiritual harmony and exchange of ideas. They find each other interesting

    and this aspect enlivens romance and mutual interests such as children and humanitarian

    interests2. His Sun trine to her Aries Chiron; maybe he can help her find an identity which is part of

    her wound.

    Pitt’s Capricorn Moon applying an opposition to Jolie’s Cancer Venus in her 6th house indicates

    strong attraction and deep affection but fewer mutual day-to-day interests between them. His Moon

    in a separating opposition to her Saturn may indicate bossiness in her which he does not always

    accept, she could result unkind, selfish and critical towards him, placing too much responsibility

    upon him thus blaming him when things don’t turn out well in their day-to-day life (6th house).

    He may also not feel appreciated by her. His Moon, in an applying conjunction to her DC, indicates

    emotional attuning including knowing how to hurt each other, Pitt may feel out of sync with her

    at times and should discuss his emotions openly.

    Both could have excessive displays of emotions with this aspect. His Moon in a separating square

    to her Aries Jupiter; perhaps she expects and asks too much from him. His Moon in an applying

    square to her Libra Uranus could cause irritability with him being unpredictable and confusing for

    her, home and everyday life could be the scene of this friction.

    Jolie’s Aries Moon is just past a trine with Pitt’s ASC indicating that it is easier for her to express

    her emotions to him, she feels at ease with him, they sense each other’s moods and are


    Her Neptune conjunct his ASC could provide her with the compassion and sensitivity towards him

    that his Capricorn moon denies her. Her Moon in a separating square to his Capricorn Mars in his

    4th house; there is strong attraction between them but there could be personality conflicts with Pitt

    appearing perhaps, highly irritating to her particularly at home. This could be offset by the separating

    conjunction that her Moon has with Pitt’s Jupiter in 4th giving mutual confidence and respect, he

    helps, protects and is generous towards her, sometimes to excess, it is also a sign of fertility in a

    married couple. Her Moon applying a square to his Capricorn Mercury; she may not enjoy his set

    beliefs about values and origins and this filters into their daily routine, he fails to understand her

    moods and feelings and this could cause friction.

    Jolie’s Mercury in an air sign and Pitt’s in an earth sign which might also cause problems in the way they

    communicate, he being very down to earth and in the here and now might help her ground since it

    falls in her 6th house, she is more “worldly” and able to take a larger view of things which might

    help him be more mentally flexible regarding relationships, falling as it does in his 7th house.

    Pitt’s Capricorn Mercury in her 6th is in a fairly wide separating square to her Aries Mars, he tries to

    reason whilst she may become aggressive3 , she could stimulate his thinking although he may find

    her irritating, arousing his temper and making him become tactless. His Mercury applying a close

    square to her Jupiter in Aries; she may promise more than she can give and he may often seem

    petty to her. A close applying opposition between his Mercury and her Saturn in Cancer, makes her

    demanding, critical and exacting to him, belittling his ideas and mining self-confidence but at the

    same time she could represent a challenge to him and an opportunity for growth. Her Gemini

    Mercury in his 7th, in a separating trine to his Aquarius Saturn, makes him less incline to criticize her

    whilst appreciating her knowledge and experience in relationships. However with his Mercury in an

    almost exact semi-square to her North Node in Sagittarius she could feel that he is too pushy in

    recreational activities4. Pitt’s Mercury in an applying square to her Aries MC; he may not give her

    enough feedback or publicity in her work and this is mutual since her Mercury in Gemini is also

    applying a square to his Virgo MC3.

    Pitt’s Capricorn Venus in her 6th applies an opposition to her Cancer Venus in his 8th and a wide

    separating square to her Aries Jupiter; there may be minor differences of taste, morals etc, they

    express affection differently and money may be a theme in arguments between them. The wide

    opposition between his Venus and her Cancer Saturn might cause him some unhappiness due to

    her high demands, selfishness and jealousy, making him feel dominated and frustrated. In money

    problems she puts the responsibility on him and blames him when things go wrong which may

    disgust him. He, too, is jealous and possessive and can upset her emotions with Pluto in semi-sextile

    to her Venus. His Venus in an applying square to her Libra Uranus encourages and inspires

    creative expression in both whilst the applying semi-square between her Neptune and his Venus

    could mean confusion and deception for him from her in matters of love and money5.

    Pitt’s Capricorn Mars in her 6th is in an exact square with her Aries Mars, this is not a good aspect

    for a marriage since there is a conflict of wills and each will interfere and obstruct each other not

    wanting the same thing at the same time so self-control is much needed. His Mars in a wide

    applying square to her Aries Jupiter could mean foolhardiness and extravagance in both with

    rivalry and impatience caused by their demanding too much of each other, again this is not a

    particularly good aspect. His Mars in a wide applying square to her Cancer Saturn; she dampens

    his enthusiasm with the result that he becomes rebellious and defiant, however, with goodwill they could

    balance each other. His Mars in a wide applying square to her MC denotes much competition in

    career6. Her Mars in his 4th is almost exact on his Aries Jupiter, again extravagance with a

    tendency to speculate unwisely particularly in the home. Her Mars square his Cancer NN; she

    motivates him to nurturing in their relationship, with their children and in the home.

    His Aries Jupiter in her 9th supports her ideals whilst her Aries Jupiter in his 4th gives optimism to

    his home life. His Aquarius Saturn in her 7th calms her need for independence whilst her Cancer

    Saturn in his 3rd supports his thinking in a more anti-conventional and outward manner.


    A difficult match, in my opinion!



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    You hit the nail on the head. Great research. I like how when applied practically astrology can show the real guts of the relationship despite what is shown to the public. Nice work. I appreciate your skills

    Thanks Rachel!