• Looking on the bright side it could be manifest as new social tolerance, perhaps….

    Saturn returns to the sign of Aquarius to stay until March 2023, the planet has already spent just over two months in Aquarius from March to the beginning of July this year before returning to Capricorn.

    Saturn spent the last two and a half years in Capricorn where it was perfectly at ease (cold, dry planet in a cold, dry Earth sign) and where it made the (in)famous conjunction with Pluto in January of this year.

    The last time Saturn transited in the sign of Aquarius was from February 1991 to January 1994 (with retrograde periods in Capricorn).

    Now the planet will still be in a sign that it rules traditionally (only in later years was Uranus given co-rulership of Aquarius) but the cold, dry nature of the planet ill fits the hot, moist ambience of the Air signs.

    Saturn in the Earth sign of Capricorn is about taking responsibility and using it to build structures that are time-tested and security-based, it’s a very materialistic placement for this austere Saturn.

    In Aquarius, Saturn is more about looking forward to see how those structures might be rebuilt using new techniques in order to improve upon the old-and-known. Saturn in Aquarius still desires success and acknowledgement but the need for approval from others is less marked and not so much the all-or-nothing of the Capricorn placement. Saturn here, however, could find difficulty opening up and expanding boundaries. This new energy is a more apologetic version of Saturnian demands, saying sorry comes easier and is part of the parcel.

    With Saturn transiting the social and humanitarian sign of Aquarius we could see more tolerance towards those and that which is different, accepting that “right and correct” may come in various formats and give the same results. Part of this attitude is due to the fact that Saturn in gregarious Aquarius may have an innate fear of loneliness and instead of taking an “all for me” stance could manifest in generously giving to others in order to feel part of the clan. Concepts and ideas will be more important than the factual and the material, a new order of “order” will come to be and will develop in a completely different way from the one already known and practised.

    New rules may be made for the good of the collective rather than the good of a small part of society.

    There will be much more use of technologies in all facets of our lives, thus making certain aspects of everyday life easier but submitting personal freedom to stricter controls in the name of collective security.

    Probably the entry of Saturn in a sign of Aria will cause the dark clothes and rigorous attire to resign giving place to brighter colors in our attire, and we will also get used to dressing in a sporty or casual way (perhaps due to the lack of social occasions and a more “homely” life).

    We could well be, and hopefully so, on the brink of a new collective awareness of our world and we might find that this present “old and known” structure no longer fits in with our new direction as a new consciousness of altruism replaces the egoistic structures that have been in place for so long.

    Huge social changes are at hand if we have the courage to grasp and trigger and follow up on them.

    “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

    Artwork: myskypie2020

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