• Saturn Enters Sagittarius on December 24th 2014

  • Let’s talk about Saturn, so, first of all, who was Saturn according to the myth?


    Saturn is the Roman name for the Greek god Kronos, he is famous not only because he castrated his father Ouranos (Uranus) but also because he swallowed each of his own children as they were born. Allegedly an oracle told him that he would be supplanted by his own children and by swallowing them he believed that this prophesy would not unfold. However, one of his children escaped this fate (Zeus) and when he reached manhood and married, his wife, Metis, gave Saturn a drug which made him vomit up the rest of his brood.

    So his story is really about the aging process (not wanting to be supplanted by our children), our need to take responsibility in life (accepting change), feelings of guilt (about castrating his father) and potential low self-esteem and not deserving love (that his children would usurp him and thus that they didn’t love or respect him).

    Saturn contacts in our natal chart, by house and aspect, less by sign, describe the areas of life where we lack confidence, where we feel we need to do or try better. Saturn can deny, delay, restrict, restrain and slow down, to the point of crippling, the development of whatever it touches but it can also define and give form. In fact sometimes Saturn is referred to as the planet of sorrow, the stern but wise, father figure who pushes us to leave behind our adverse behaviours, raising above them, to heal our inner hurts.

    After 2.5 years in the sign of Scorpio, Saturn will enter the sign of Sagittarius on 24th December 2014, remaining in the very early degrees of the sign until 14th March 2014 when it will turn retrograde to re-enter the murky depths of Scorpio until 18th September 2014 then it will return once more to Sagittarius on a permanent basis, leaving the sign on 20th December 2017.

    Saturn in Sagittarius

    Sagittarius is the sign of optimism and faith, its ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of width he who pushes us to go further, be it mentally or physically. This is the sign of the traveller, the one who loves other cultures and faiths, the seeker of the truth. Saturn is the planet of depth, the one who wants to limit and restrict, so as you can see they aren’t really easy bedmates thus we have to find a compromise for them to work well together in our chart.

    Therefore, the next 2.5 years might cause a spiritual awakening inside of us, helping us gain more clarity and understanding by learning to identify ourselves with our inner guide or higher self. We may even want to leave some habit patterns behind as clarity reigns within us.

    After the realms of profundity in Scorpio, the passage of Saturn in Sagittarius is like a new, glossy refined energy, the wise old man is in the sign of the prophet. He will urge us to learn how we might better relate to all things foreign, to learn about tolerance towards others so new views may come to be regarding religion and perspectives, some people may turn inwards towards traditional religious values whilst others may want to seek alternative ways to express their spirituality. Belief systems and how these fit into the world may well be at the forefront during this transit as will matters concerning tolerance and freedom. Saturn here in Sagittarius will become ever more the exacting keeper of our ideals.

    Saturn’s passage in Sagittarius may indicate the following energies:

    a struggle to find faith in life resulting in depression if one fails

    issues with moral codes and religion

    a strong sense of right and wrong with feelings of guilt creeping in if you don’t reach your own high standards

    swings of confidence and lack of it

    alternation between optimism and pessimism

    it could also indicate a steady growth towards whatever goal you prefix

    and it could be an excellent time to dream big with your feet firmly planted on the ground and slowly proceed towards whatever you have in mind

    All of the above possibilities can be determined by knowing which house in your chart the Saturn transit falls in and which planets Saturn aspects as it proceeds through Sagittarius.




    Painting by Rubens