• Full Moon in GeminiOOB FULL MOON IN GEMINI

    ….focus is what we need

    On the 27th there will be an OOB Full Moon at 04°51’Gemini (antiscion 25°09’ Cancer).

    The Full Moon is separating from a Mutable T-square with a Saturn apex showing perhaps a little too much flexibility. Saturn is at the very beginning of Pisces, it doesn’t know the ropes yet and is unsure and perhaps afraid of how to effectively put boundaries on anything so in the days preceding the Full Moon the Sun may have taken the lead predicating this that and the other without Saturn being able to effectively contrast this “stream of consciousness”. This is the second lunation that the Sun is involved with Mars. This time it is separating from a conjunction to Mars which remains in the state of combustion and thus weakened as opposed to the last lunation in Scorpio where Mars was efficient and more than ready for action, it is also more prone to show its negative traits in this state.

    The Moon’s dispositor, Mercury, also OOB in Sagittarius, is on the same degree as the transiting nodes and trine North node making it a very important planet over the next 15 days until the New Moon. So communications will be crucial and they could take on a sort of  “You’ve got to believe ME” aspect with Mercury also being OOB but with the exact square between Mercury and Neptune R the “truth” that is actually spoken may not be as reliable or sincere as we would like it to be or it could be that we are unable to grasp the perspective or the proportion of things that seem too futuristic or out of reach at this given moment.

    Sun’s dispositor, Jupiter R in Taurus is c//Saturn, another push and pull aspect between two planets that have nothing in common. Jupiter is also conjunct the Fixed Star Hamal which according to Ptolemy is of the nature of Saturn and Mars and causes violence, brutishness, cruelty and premeditated crime.

    The Elements are fairly well balanced in this lunation however the Modalities are decidedly leaning towards the Mutable signs with 6 planets there, again suggesting a flexibility around matters.

    As we all know, full moons are when matters that have been simmering under the surface emerge to be dealt with. This lunation occurs on the 3rd-9th house axis (Gemini-Sagittarius) in traditional astrology; how I think vs how they think, short trips vs long journeys, reason vs intuition etc. Both signs are concerned with gathering and spreading knowledge as well as education and travel.  There is a distinction between them however, Gemini collects the news and the chit-chat whilst Sagittarius studies the information and puts it out into the world.

    It will most affect those with planets or angles in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces keeping a tight orb around 2°.

    So this Full Moon highlights the connection between our beliefs, our dreams and real life and brings up questions such as “What part am I playing in my life?”, “Which archetypes am I manifesting?”, “How much control do I have over these matters?”

    Author Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this Full Moon in Gemini

    “The Storyteller’s Moon”

    He writes that this is an excellent time to enjoy a good book or movie, to sit around with friends confiding your life story or to start a diary where you jot down your most intimate and heartfelt truths about yourself.

    The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 5° Gemini: “A revolutionary magazine asking for action.” Indicating the explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions.

    For the antiscion at 26° Cancer: “Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home.” Indicating the transference of social privilege to the level of intellectual enjoyment.

    For the Sun at 5° Sagittarius: “An old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree.” Indicating a poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation.

    “Let us accept truth, even when it surprises us and alters our views.” George Sand

    What are your thoughts about this Full Moon?


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    Image: myskypie2023