• New Moon SagittariusNEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS

    The New Moon will occur at 01°37’ Sagittarius (antiscion 28°23’ Capricorn) and will be the first of four new moons on the 1° degree of the relative signs over the next four months.

    One might suppose that with Jupiter being the dispositor of this New Moon things might be on an upward curve after the past two very intense lunations connected to the eclipses along the Scorpio/Taurus axis. A moment of respite and hope after despair.

    Think again.

    Only five minutes after the exactness of the New Moon, dispositor Jupiter in its own sign of Pisces stations direct at 28°47’, in itself a very positive event BUT unfortunately, Jupiter is conjunct Fixed Star Scheat which Robson explains as “losses through law and danger of imprisonment” as well as “extreme misfortune” when the Star is also square Mars as in this chart. Jupiter is also under a square aspect by this peregrine, retrograde OOB Mars and is separating from a sextile to Pluto. A huge amount of energy (Pluto and Mars) to follow our ideals (Jupiter) but are they the right ones? Mars isn’t acting on his best behaviour, how can he with so many negative traits blowing things out of proportion? Jupiter in Pisces is all about empathy, Mars is Gemini is all about reason, Pluto just wants to bunk the whole establishment and start over again, Mars is backing into a square with Neptune too which will scatter the thought process and give way to doubts.

    We also have Mercury and Venus conjoined in Sagittarius and both conjunct the Fixed Star Antares an indication, according to Robson, “suspicious and unpopular” (Mercury) and “insincere and dishonest” (Venus).

    Last, but not least, Mars, retrograde, OOB and peregrine in Gemini is conjunct Fixed Stars Capella and Bellatrix. The first indicating “talents wasted on low subjects” and the second “success as a soldier but liable to accidents” according to Robson.

    Further adding to the mix we also have several aspects by declination: Saturn//South Node both c// Uranus (change is hard but necessary and probably sudden), Venus//Moon and Moon//Pluto (obsessive reactions to the “truths” (Sagittarius) coming from the establishment (Capricorn)), Pluto//OOB Mercury (those thoughts and plans are way out of line) and Mars OOB in Mercury’s sign.

    There are seven planets in the Mutable Modality so everything is fluctuating but there are also four planets in the Fixed signs, seems like something needs to be broken in order for it to change.

    In his book “Moon Phase Astrology” author Raven Kaldera calls this Moon “the Gypsy Moon”. On this Moon he invites us to go out and experience new cultures and ideas, with the aim of stretching our abilities to accept all things foreign in order to challenge ourselves and our own prejudices. What better way to do this than travelling which can provide excellent points of view upon which to reflect when the journey is over. So, rather than just reading about new places it would be better to experience these in person on your own skin so as to say.

    The Sabian symbol for 2° Sagittarius: “White-capped waves display the power of wind over sea.” Indicating the mobilisation of unconscious energies under the pressure of superpersonal motives.

    For its antiscion point at 29° Capricorn: “A woman reading tea leaves.” Indicating the ability to see the Signature of hidden meaning in every occurrence drawing one’s attention.

    “We are all somewhere else, during.” Katie Crouch, Girls in Trucks



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