• There will be a New Moon at 8°37’ Leo (antiscion 21°24’ Taurus) in the early hours of the 1st of August (GMT). Only a few hours later Mercury will station direct at 23°58’ Cancer (antiscion 6°02’ Gemini) after what, for some of us, has been a period fraught with inconveniences and delays of all kinds. Now is the time to sort those problems out in a permanent way, Mercury will station in tight orb of a separating opposition to Pluto also retrograde in Capricorn and Mercury is ruled by the Leo Moon…shooting your mouth off about wild ideas which may involve family or home or trying to get the better of people may backfire…just saying.

    The New Moon itself is in a separating square to disruptive Uranus in Taurus which is also slowing towards its retrograde station due to begin on the 11th August.

    With four planets now in Leo (Venus, Moon, Sun and Mars) this New Moon urges the start of some new creative process to get passionate about without resorting to excessive pride (another Leo characteristic) that could block our progress.

    There are no planets in the Air signs at the moment and this could lead to a certain degree of short-sightedness in any long-term programme we might want to start.

    New Moons are times when the Sun and Moon are conjoined in the same degree of the same sign and this causes the Moon to remain hidden from our view.

    It’s a moment to set intentions for the coming month regarding the matters of the house where it falls in our natal chart. New Moons can be seen as moments of “seeding”.

    The Moon in Leo finds itself on the 5-11th axis in the traditional zodiac wheel (Leo-Aquarius), so, me vs them, warm-hearted vs unemotional, artist vs scientist etc. Leo is a Fixed, Fire Sign and the New Moon will have most effect on persons with planets or angles in the Fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus.

    In his book “Moon Phase Astrology”, author Raven Kaldera describes this moon as the

    “Sun Child’s Moon”

    a creature of smiling, radiant light. The people born under this moon phase in Leo have a tremendous zest for life and love to be looked at, making people gasp and drop their jaws as they charm the pants off them!

    During the Sun Child’s Moon he invites us to concentrate on our own creativity in any endeavour we might undertake since this is a good time to shine, even if you’re not used to the limelight, or to feel special to others in some way.

    This Leo New Moon will imbue us with optimism in the house in which it occurs in our natal theme bestowing a desire to be recognised and feel special in some way regarding the affairs of the house with Leo on the cusp.

    If the New Moon conjoins a planet in our natal chart then that planetary energy is awakened and energized and intentions should be related to that planet, sign and house. If we consciously choose to harness the power of the New Moon and the energy of any planet it makes an aspect to (tight orbs no more than 2°) we become capable of noteworthy new beginnings in that area of our life.

    The sign of Leo is mainly involved with creativity and Venus is also in Leo during this period reminding us that creativity flourishes in love but to use it to its full potential we must be daring and willing to face the challenge and the risk.

    The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 9° Leo: “Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing.” Indicating the need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act if it is to produce beautiful and significant new forms.

    For the antiscion point at 22° Taurus: “White dove flying over troubled waters.” Indicating the spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis.

    For Mercury stationing direct at 24° Cancer: “A woman and two men castaways on a small island in the south seas.” Indicating the focalisation of complex inner potentialities in harmonic and concrete relationships.

    For the antiscion point of 7° Gemini: “A well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic trees.” Indicating man’s primordial faith in the hidden sustaining power of life.

    On this New Moon let’s remember:

    “I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.” Madonna




    Kaldera R. (2011) “Moon Phase Astrology” pp. 37-39, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont. USA

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