• New Moon in LeoNEW MOON IN LEO

    A time to shine but not for all…..

    There will be a New Moon at 23°17’ Leo (antiscion 06°43’ Taurus).

    New Moons are times when the Sun and Moon are conjoined in the identical degree of the same sign and this causes the Moon to remain hidden from our view.

    It’s a great moment to set intentions for the coming month regarding the matters of the house where it falls in our natal chart. New Moons can be seen as moments of “seeding”.

    There are no planets in the Air element in this lunation chart, planning ahead is difficult or not seen as something “to do” and with only Pluto R in the Cardinal signs moving forward might also prove difficult.

    The New Moon is an activating factor of a loose Grand Trine in the Earth element, the other players are Mercury conjunct Mars, Uranus and Pluto R. Grand Trines are usually “lazy aspects” but here all the planets involved are either fast movers or fundamentally “explosive” in some way so if the trine gets activated by other planets (and it does) things could get out of control rather quickly since they will each aliment each other. Mercury-Mars is the tightest part of the trine aspect with Uranus. The activating planets are the Moon and Sun (the heart and the head or the people and their leaders) by means of a tight square to Uranus. The transiting nodes are also involved in square aspect to Pluto R this becoming part of the picture too. Grand Earth trines, true to their nature, like to conserve the status quo rather than rock the boat but the high volatility of the planets and the fact that the Lunar nodes are also involved make that a rather doubtful outcome. We may witness that keeping the status quo really involves demolishing the other party in some way since many Grand trines in the Earth element want to make a mark on the world whatever!

    To add to the intensity of this New Moon, Mercury is c// Neptune R (thoughts, plans are fuzzy), Moon is //Uranus (a roller coaster of emotions with the danger of making mistakes by acting hastily) and Mars is opposite Neptune R (energy is scattered not focused).

    The Moon in Leo finds itself on the 5-11th axis in the traditional zodiac wheel (Leo-Aquarius), so, me vs them, warm-hearted vs unemotional, artist vs scientist etc.

    In his book “Moon Phase Astrology”, author Raven Kaldera describes this moon as the

    “Sun Child’s Moon”

    a creature of smiling, radiant light. The people born under this moon phase in Leo have a tremendous zest for life and love to be looked at, making people gasp and drop their jaws as they charm the pants off them!

    During the Sun Child’s Moon he invites us to concentrate on our own creativity in any endeavour we might undertake since this is a good time to shine, even if you’re not used to the limelight, or to feel special to others in some way.

    A Leo New Moon imbues us with optimism in the house in which it occurs in our natal theme bestowing a desire to be recognised and feel special in some way regarding the affairs of that house with Leo on the cusp.

    If the lunation makes an aspect to a planet in our natal chart then that planetary energy is awakened and energized and intentions should be related to that planet, sign and house. If we consciously choose to harness the power of the New Moon and the energy of any planet it aspects (tight orbs no more than 2°) we become capable of noteworthy new beginnings in that area of our life. It will most involve those people with planets/angles between 21-25° of the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius and the antiscion point of 06° 43’ Taurus.

    The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 24° Leo: “Totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a man is sitting in a state of complete neglect of bodily appearance and cleanliness.” Indicating an interior focalisation of energy and consciousness at the expense of all forms of outward activity and care.

    For the antiscion point of 7° Taurus: “A woman of Samaria at the ancestral well.” Indicating the meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit pointing to the future.

    “Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.” Thomas Aquinas

    What are your intentions for this New Moon?



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