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    The New Moon will occur at 10°37’ Cancer, a Cardinal, Water sign, ruled by the Moon itself and there will also be a total Solar Eclipse during which the Moon will completely cover up the Sun from our prospective here on Earth. The antiscion point is 19°23’ Gemini.

    A New Moon in Cancer puts the accent on home, family and our sense of belonging, the total Solar Eclipse heightens this theme even more.  The New Moon reaches out to a new beginning whilst the applying opposition to retrograde Saturn and South Node, which are closely conjoined in Capricorn, seem to pull us back into a past nurturing habits as far as intimate and private affairs are concerned. Perhaps some are dealing with an elderly family member and the nurturing is reversed with the younger having to care for the aged as their needs become greater.

    In this lunation chart, Mars and Mercury both now in bombastic and generous Leo are applying a square to Uranus in Taurus, perhaps the cost of boasting and being too generous could end up depleting our finances as we feel obliged to put our money where our mouth is!

    New Moons are the moment we set our intentions for the month ahead regarding the house where the New Moon falls in our chart but we now have four of ten planets transiting in this sign making it a very emotionally energetic period particularly for the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phases” calls this the “Daughter’s Moon” and likens it to the myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone who was abducted into the Underworld by Hades (Pluto). He therefore attributes painful conflicts with family members to this and all the other Cancer moon phases and on this Moon he recommends that we examine our relationships with close ones, especially those which involve nurturing received or given.

    It falls on the 4th-10th house axis in traditional astrology, the private vs public, mother vs father, fluidity vs rigidity etc.

    This lunation will most involve those persons with planets or angles between 7-13° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and the antiscion point at 19°23’ Gemini.

    Total Solar Eclipse

    This is the third of five Eclipses this year. Eclipses take place when the Sun, Moon and Earth find themselves closely aligned.

    The effects of eclipses can be quite unpredictable (a “what-the-heck effect”), sometimes stressing emotions or bringing unexpected events into our lives, at other times they can go seemingly unnoticed. Some astrologers say that the effects of the eclipses manifest for as long as the duration of the eclipse itself, transmuting the minutes of the duration into days. Although of different Saros series, eclipses occur at similar degrees of the same sign in 19-year cycles as they move in a retrograde motion through the zodiac. Thus they have effect on the same house polarity in your natal chart (or on any personal planets or angles in Cancer and/or Capricorn that fall in a 2°30’ orb for conjunctions, 2° for oppositions, allowing 5° if Sun or Moon is involved).

    The last Solar Eclipse at 10° Cancer took place on the 1st of July 2000 (but of a different Saros series)  – what was going on in your life then? You may also want to think back to the 1st of July 2011 when a Solar Eclipse took place at 9° Cancer.

    Here’s a tiny bit of history about eclipses and the Saros cycle:

    The Babylonians (747 BC) were able to predict the cyclic nature of the eclipses and by the 4th century BC had recognized that they occurred in series, later denominated the Saros Series by the Greek lexicographer Suidas in the 10th century AD.

    Bernadette Brady, an Australian astrologer, in her book “The Eagle and the Lark”, dedicates a whole chapter to the Saros Series. She explains that the Saros Series of the present Solar Eclipse is known as “3 North” and, due to the nature and aspects of the planets involved, is directly concerned with news about young people or information that transforms a situation in some way. The last eclipses of this series took place in June 2001 at 0° Cancer.

    Esoteric astrologer Alan Oken writes that a solar eclipse represents “liberations from previous circumstances” while acknowledging that this may not always be to one’s liking. In other words, a solar eclipse can free you from something which could be a blessing in disguise.

    Whilst, Tracy Marks, in her book “The Astrology of Self-Discovery” quotes American astrologer Doris Hebel who suggests: “that we fast on the day of the eclipse, that the week of a solar eclipse we eat citrus foods or other foods grown in the sun in order to increase our “solar energy” and that the week of a lunar eclipse we eat root vegetables or foods which are grown beneath the earth in order to increase our “lunar energy”.”

    Events connected to an eclipse can manifest up to two months before or after the event. Occurrences related to the eclipse can occur around then as well as manifesting when a planet transits 9-12° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) In fact, Mars was at 11 Cancer at the beginning of June and will be a at 11° Libra 20-21 October. A date to watch perhaps!

    The Sabian symbol for 11° Cancer: “A clown caricaturing well-known personalities.” Indicating the value of humour in developing objectivity and independence of mind.

    For the antiscion at 20° Gemini: “A modern cafeteria displays and abundance of food, products of various regions:” Indicating the assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.

     “She held herself until the sobs of the child inside subsided entirely. I love you, she told herself. It will all be okay.”  H. Raven Rose, Shadow Selves: Double Happiness

    Does this Solar Eclipse touch any planets/angles in your chart?



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