Progress is slow for this Aries New Moon

    Depending on where you are in the world the New Moon will occur on 31st March or 1st April at 11°30’ Aries (antiscion 18°30’ Virgo). It will be the first of two New Moons during the month of April.

    Yet another lunation with all the planets enclosed inside the lunar nodal axis, never has it been so clear and so repeatedly so that our destiny is in our own hands. Furthermore, Saturn is squaring the nodal axis and all three are in Fixed signs, slow, slow, slow as the future takes form from the past. The elemental energy is well balanced whilst the modalities lean towards Cardinal and Fixed modes with only two planets in the Mutable modality. Pushing and shoving to move forward as we drag our feet but the road needs to be straight with no deviations.

    There are four planets ruled by Saturn and three ruled by Mars (peregrine in Aquarius) once more underlining that progress will be slow and steady and fraught with delays.

    Mars, the dispositor of the lunation is peregrine in a Fixed sign and conjunct Saturn, again underscoring and confirming that any progress will be very slow. Two Malefics trying to put on their best show together. Mars is conjunct Fixed Star Castra, according to Robson of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter giving malevolence, destructiveness and an uncontrollable temper.

    Saturn is c// Uranus, something has to break before new rules are laid down. Sun is c// Jupiter, the mood is optimistic but any over-excitement or over-indulgence or worse, self-righteousness could make issues turn nasty quickly.

    New Moons are great times to set your intentions about new projects to undertake in the month to come so try to take some quiet time to think about what you would like or need to change in the matters of the house where the New Moon takes place in your chart.

    The New Moon falls on the 1-7th axis (Aries-Libra) in traditional astrology: the I vs us, me vs you, assertion vs compromise, independence vs relationship etc. Also affected by this New Moon are those people with planets or angles in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this “The Infant’s” Moon and he compares it to the “Fool” in the tarot deck, an innocent being eager to discover the world. He states that on this Moon “we begin things, we revisit our relationship with that state of utter faith and excitement of the grand unknown. Have we become too cynical for that kind of trust?”

    Linda Goodman, author of the famous book “Sun Signs”, is said to have commented this New Moon “how appropriate that the archetypical Infant of Aries was protected by the seasoned and powerful Warrior of Mars”.

    The Sabian symbol for 12° Aries: “A triangularly shaped flight of wild geese.” Indicating an idealistic reliance upon a mental image of universal order.

    For its antiscion at 19° Virgo: “A swimming race.” Indicating the stimulation that comes from a group effort toward a spiritual goal.

    “Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.” William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


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