• “Intuition is seeing with the soul.”  Dean Koontz

    Neptune sets off on its yearly 5-month retrograde season today turning direct on 24th November at 13°41’ Pisces.

    When Neptune turns retrograde, the inner structures that are undergoing dissolution and change are more easily brought to the attention of our mind allowing us to review our blind-spots and uncover more hidden motives for our discomfort within the reality of the house it is transiting. We may even uncover parts of ourselves that need more nurturing and compassion rather than change.

    As we know, constructive change is made only by conscious effort in an already self-aware person, without this effort very little change can in fact occur.

    For some people, a Neptune retrograde could imbue a greater need for privacy and seclusion and even withdrawal than when the planet is direct since introspection is emphasized.

    This period, for others, this could indicate a greater danger of taking refuge in escapist tendencies which might involve alcohol or drugs since emotional vulnerability is enhanced.

    Aspects to any planets or angles made by Neptune should give clues as to how each one of us might handle this retrograde period as will the house where the transit is occurring.

    However, tapping into our imagination, strengthening our powers of visualization and imagery by allowing inspiration through creative activities and relaxation could lead us to greater awareness of our latent talents and abilities.

    The Sabian symbol for 17° Pisces: “An Easter Parade” Indicating the capacity inherent in all great sociocultural images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence.

    For its antiscion point of 14° Libra: “In the heat of the noon hour a man takes a siesta.” Indicating the need for recuperation within the social pattern of everyday activity.

    Got plans for this retrograde?



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    Image: Neptune mosaic in Sousse Tunisia