• …..will we see clearly now?

    In earlier days Neptune was known as the planet of “chaos” meaning that the planet has little or no action upon the physical plane, it’s sphere of influence being largely confined to the psychic or emotional plane and….its influence in the natal chart will depend upon the native’s ability to respond to its vibrations.*

    Neptune turns direct on the 22nd November at 11° 28’ of Pisces, its own sign. This means that uncertainties or lack of clarity that you have been internalizing and that may have surfaced from the past, finally start to lift as the fog clears (look to the houses where you have Pisces on the cusp to see where the fogginess may have been manifesting for you as well as the sign/house/aspects of your natal Neptune). Neptune transiting through the houses has the effect of “dissolving” the matters concerning that particular house even though the process is usually very long it is nevertheless constant.

    Also worth noting is the antiscion point of the station at 18°32’ Libra.

    Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson’s take on Neptune is, as always, more matter-of-fact “…elusive and delusive, throwing a veil over what is real so that it appears more attractive and desirable, more ideal and mysterious. Neptune rules misinformation and subversion, defrauding schemes that collapse, fogs and films, fading away and disappearances. It possesses great beauty and naïve appeal and so Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus.”

    After its recent entrance in Scorpio, Jupiter is now closing in to trine Neptune, and Venus, also in Scorpio, has just separated from a trine to the planet too. Lovers and desires have a dreamy hue, maybe too much so with Jupiter fervidly embracing the deep (and often murky) Scorpio emotions.

    Mars in Libra is just one degree away from a conjunction to the antiscion point of the Neptune station. Antiscion points act like conjunctions but they often have a rather “hidden” aspect to them, something that often is really in plain sight but which we can’t see for some reason. Mars transiting this point could be the classical “pain in the butt” distracting you from the real deal or making you feel so tired and lazy that you just can’t be bothered anyway.

    In my experience harsh Neptune transits to personal planets in the natal chart (also the progressed chart) can be difficult to handle due to the illusory nature of the planet. It brings confusion and uncertainty into our lives, leading us to being unsure about what is and what isn’t true and leaving us feeling discouraged and undeserving. Under this influence you could also perform acts of great unselfishness as compassion and empathy undermine your own ego. The process is slow but irrevocable.

    The Sabian symbol for 12° Pisces: “In the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested.” Indicating the ever-repeated challenge presented to the individual by the group in which he has claimed acceptance – the challenge to prove himself and his ability to assume responsibility effectively.

    For 19° Libra (antiscion): “A gang of robbers in hiding.” Indicating a protest against disharmonic social privilege.

    “My outer world looked great, but my inner world, where I do all of my living, felt incomplete and restless.” Wayne W. Dyer, I Can See Clearly Now

    Where are you seeing clearer now?



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    Image: Airbrush Art by WK





    Neptune is transiting my 1st house (I have all of Pisces in my first, with 25 Aquarius ascendant). I have felt one-step-removed from things for some time now. Have to make a concerted effort to focus and muster up energy. Natal Neptune is at 17 Libra so guess that's a double whammy? Natal Moon at 19 Cap, Natal Saturn at 19 Virgo Natal Pluto at 17 Leo and Natal Venus at 17 Aquarius. Mars at 7 Libra. Lots going on with more to come....

    You and I have a lot of outer planet placements together LOL! Yes, you've seen it right, transiting Neptune at 13° Pisces will be in exact antiscion with our natal Neptune at 17 Libra...we've also got that quincunx from transiting Pluto to natal Pluto too and it's opposite my natal Venus whilst it's trining your natal Saturn. First house Neptune transits do blur our persona perception, only suggestion I can make is try to spend some time each day doing some Neptunian "chore" like meditating, listening to music, spacing out in general, it does help. :-)