• the-path-of-my-soul-illustration-by-nina-gabriel……organized strategies or festive holiday havoc?

    So unlike me, I’ve decided to write very much earlier about the next Mercury retrograde which will begin at 15°03’ Capricorn on 18th December 2016 and end on the 7th of January 2017 at 25°54’ Sagittarius.

    The reason for me writing so early? I’ve just realized that the retrograde will take up all the oncoming holiday period, including the New Year (and the sales period!) and I thought that it would be better if we all knew about the retrograde in advance so as to be ready (forewarned is forearmed so they say), if possible, for its potential effects (breakdowns, delays, faulty equipment, miscommunication to name some) without, of course, me wanting to play the part of the “scaremonger”.

    The shadow period of the retrograde has already begun (1st December) but I don’t really give too much attention to this, apart from noticing what ideas or thoughts pop up during this period so as to delve deeper into them during the retrograde and act upon them when it ends.

    The following advice applies particularly to those of us who’ve decided to buy presents which include Hi-Tech gadgets like mobile phones, computers, tablets etc as well as those planning an out-of-town vacation over the festive period.

    First let’s deal with the electronics: how about buying or at least ordering what we need well in advance (like now)? So as to have our minds crystal clear about what we actually want to buy and time to test and see if it works in some cases.

    Travel details: these need double-checking and again it’s better to book in advance rather than at the last minute although none of this really could save us from eventual delays due to bad weather, sudden strikes or mistiming. If any of these events do happen then the best way to cope is to go with flow (obviously) and not to get too harassed about any changes in plans (not so easy).

    Mercury will start its retrograde period in Capricorn. A serious, sensible version of Mercury, very determined and with great concentration which will serve us well as we elaborate, think over and tie up any loose ends of projects we’ve been working on. This is not the time to begin new ventures since we are much less attentive to details in everyday life now and of course it’s usually the details that count in the long run!

    Mercury starts is retrograde just over one degree away from a conjunction to Pluto, he’s already picked up the obsessive qualities which could make him dig deep down in profound analysis of any plans we have in mind giving us even more acute observational powers as he begins his backwards movement.

    On the 27th December he backs into a sextile aspect with Neptune and the day after with Mars, both in dreamy Pisces. Our understanding of images and dreams could be highlighted, we could give in to wishful thinking or we could get some fuzzy thoughts and little clarity…it’s only for a few days so we can get through this without harm and we could also put it down to too much food and drink in the festive period!

    The people most affected by the retrograde will be those with planets and angles in Virgo and Gemini as well as the other Mutable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces). Said that, as per the last retrograde which took place in Virgo, Mercury’s own sign, I do think that people with planets in Virgo could still do better than the other signs since Capricorn trines Virgo, except of course for the latter part of the transit when the planet will hang around 28-30° Sagittarius for about 10 days before picking up its normal forward speed.

    Look also to the house where Mercury is transiting for an idea of the area where it will have most impact for you and of course the houses it rules in your chart.

    The Sabian symbol for 16° Capricorn: “School grounds filled with boys and girls in gymnasium suits.” Indicating the need for physical activity and play, especially in adolescence.

    “Before you act, listen.

    Before you react, think.

    Before you spend, earn.

    Before you criticize, wait.

    Before you pray, forgive.

    Before you quit, try.”

    William Arthur Ward

    Got plans for this Mercury retrograde?


    Rudhyar D. (1974) “An Astrological Mandala: the cycles of transformations and its 360 symbolic phases”. p 239, Vintage Books Edition, Random House Inc., New York, USA

    Image: The Path of My Soul illustration by Nina Gabriel