Rethinking thoughts…

    Mercury stations retrograde at 08°55’ Libra (antisicion 21°05’ Pisces) to station direct at 21°05’ Virgo on 2 October.

    In the sign of Libra, Mercury finds its more tactful side, eager to please (or rather eager not to have to discuss/argue) it is at its complacent best here. A master of playing with words but even when critical never seems to be offensive.

    On the downside, Mercury in Libra finds it difficult to reach a conclusion to any matter on hand. Fearful of what others might say or think, eager to please and seemingly wanting to do the best for both sides yet with the nagging uneasiness that the best for the other maybe the worst for the self.

    This Mercury retrograde could involve re-thinking our relationships or any compromises we have recently made or are about to make and whether or not it’s worth being too complacent just to avoid conflict and confrontation and if we believe that our opinions have some value too.

    Gemini and Virgo, both ruled by Mercury, may respond differently to the signs their ruling planet moves through on its journey backwards. Virgo, being an Earth sign finds the Air signs (in this case Libra) rather too rational and in the head or perhaps too eager to find a compromise and this could produce a bout of criticism from precise Virgo who likes planning on a more practical level and doing what’s best (according to them of course). Gemini, an Air sign, is obviously quite comfortable with its ruler transiting in an easy trine aspect to the sign, appreciating this logical, future-oriented way of thinking and the need to review recent plans. Of course, the retrograde movement alters the way Mercury is expressed and makes it more an internal, inward journey rather than an expansive outward thrust which however could (and probably will) manifest as delays and hiccups in all types of plans.

    Once Mercury backs into its home sign of Virgo (23 September), I think that this retrograde season for Virgoans could be fairly easy. They are already used to sorting out information with regards to its usefulness and planning is part of their nature, the introspective motif of the retrograde period could thus be almost “familiar” to them. On the other hand, I think this could be a rather trying period for Geminis who by nature are mentally all-over-the-place (with a tight Mars-Sun conjunction in early Gemini I’m definitely one of these people) and of course Mars is also now transiting Gemini adding even more mental energy. Putting the mind to one task at a time proves hard at the best of times and more so when our ruling planet is going in the wrong direction!

    As always, the usual suggestions apply to the Mercury retrograde: great for putting “re” in front of everything, planning but waiting for the direct station, before acting. Expecting possible delays in transport of all kinds, upheavals in the planning of appointments, electronic equipment going haywire etc. Avoiding signing contracts (where possible, but again contracts are between people so it’s a retrograde season for everyone and if its “bad” for one it may be “good” for the other party).

    On its backward journey through Libra and Virgo, Mercury will make the following aspects:

    18 September the second of three oppositions to Jupiter (04°44’ Libra, now retrograde after a previous direct hit and then once more direct). This is one of the best aspects, feeling good and optimistic is the norm but make sure that doesn’t come over as cockiness!

    26 September conjunct Venus (26°47’) and Pluto, get verbal about your feelings and put some passion into it! Or, write some poetry.

    27 September and 06-07 October the second and third of three trines to Pluto (26°08’) in the first one both planets are Pluto is retrograde, in the second both are retrograde and the third both planets are direct, all the trines are at 26° – so if your chart is involved in this degree of the Cardinal signs it could be an important transit for you – excellent for introspection or any psychological work you need to undergo to understand yourself better and great for concentration and research.

    The Sabian symbol for 9° Libra: “Three “old masters” hanging on the wall of a special room in an art gallery.” Indicating the need to return to source during a confused search for new value in a chaotic society.

    For the antiscion point at 22° Pisces: “A prophet carrying tablets of the new law is walking down the slopes of Mount Sinai.” Indicating the need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the clear realisations made manifest in a great “peak experience”.

    “You’re never going to please everyone, and if you do, there’s something wrong.” Constance Wu



    Rudhyar D. (1974) “An Astrological Mandala: the cycles of transformations and its 360 symbolic phases”. p 177, 282, Vintage Books Edition, Random House Inc., New York, USA