Mentally instable?

    Mercury enters one of the signs that it rules on the 11th June and goes OOB on the 24th remaining in this condition until the 7th July.

    Mercury is obviously in his element here, a rational and agile thinker open to new ideas and experimentations, puns and intellectual flexibility are also part of the game although Mercury is also the prankster of the zodiac and here words could be used to alter the truth in some way!

    The OOB status could make this planet very versatile indeed with great curiosity and a real talent for the acquisition of knowledge.

    Mercury will make the following aspects as it journeys through Gemini:

    15/06 square an almost stationary Saturn (07°12’ Gemini-Pisces): Saturn has a hard job disciplining Mercurial activities during this aspect, finding itself rather boundaryless in wistful Pisces.

    17/06 sextile Venus (10°49’ Gemini-Leo): sweet words spoken with generosity but not to be rebuffed, Venus in Leo after all has a lot of pride!

    21/06 sextile Mars (18°39’ Gemini-Leo): great aspect for boosting self-confidence in your ideas and plans.

    25/06 square Neptune (27°40’ Gemini-Pisces): confusion! Make sure you’re saying what you mean in a clear way.

    A little bit of history:

    Mercury in the Greek myth is associated with Hermes and he held an amazing number of roles here; thief, storyteller (aka liar), trickster, magician, craftsman, messenger of the gods, the god of boundaries, commerce, merchants, words and language among the many. He was the only god who had permission to travel freely between the Underworld and the heights of Olympus.

    Mercury is so versatile that he can take on any of the archetypes represented by the other planets too and in this way he is also good at making deals or compromises and the house placement of Mercury in your chart will show where you’re good at this also.

    Alan Leo’s description of Mercury from his book “The Art of Synthesis”

    “A considerable portion of the correct judgement of a nativity is derived from the study of Mercury, its position, aspects and progress, the tendency of the mind being easily seen from the sign which Mercury occupies a birth.”

    “If there’s one area of me that the devil’s got a hold of, it’s my tongue.” Stefne Miller



    Leo A. [1912] 1949. “Chapter VI, Mercury the thinker.” In The Art of Synthesis pp 53-65. International Publishing Company, Edinburgh, UK

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