Abstract thinking or unusual facts?

    Mercury will stay in Aquarius until the 9th of March due to its retrograde period which starts January 14th at 10°20’ (it will re-enter Capricorn also during this time).

    In Aquarius, a sign co-ruled by Saturn (traditional) and Uranus (modern), Mercury is even more thirsty for knowledge, always in search of new ideas and technologies but ready to reject or even abandon them as soon as new (Uranus) becomes normal (Saturn).

    Mercury in Aquarius will give us new visions, make us aware of new possibilities, allow us to envision an ideal world or society, which might be great as a theory, but much less so as a practicality.

    Aquarius is a fixed Air sign so here Mercury is at home in the mind and intellect but less so on a basic gut feeling level and could get very stubborn once a decision has been made.

    On the 24-25th February Mercury will square Uranus (11°25’) now transiting in Taurus: thoughts and idea could suddenly become completely unhinged or there could be brilliant flashes of insight.

    On the 2nd March it will conjoin Saturn (18°59’), heavy thoughts or slow motion could hinder our progress.

    Artwork: myskypie2021