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    After a short stay in the final degrees of Capricorn during the latter part of the retrograde period, Mars now re-enters the Fixed, Air sign of Aquarius where he takes on a less selfish, less violent and more altruistic stance, although it’s worth remembering that until the 25th of September the planet is still OOB and given to acting unruly.

    In Aquarius we could find Mars fighting for the masses or fighting to impress since he has a strong sense of individualism and eccentricity as he pursues his goals. To the point that he prefers to see how much he differs from the norm rather than trying to understand how much he has in common with his peers.

    In this sign Mars can be really independent, sometimes unpredictable and often uncompromising as he tries to force his views and opinions on others or tries to convince himself that his is the only “right” way of seeing or doing things. These views and opinions are often great in theory but frequently lacking in practicality or he has difficulty in turning his decisions into action for some reason although he does stick to them once decided upon!

    Also on the plus side, he’s not easily provoked in Aquarius tending towards a rather aloof behaviour. Probably the only real thing that could make him angry is any lack of personal freedom that he might perceive or any wrongs done to any group or ideal to which he is particularly attached.

    Sexually, Mars in Aquarius loves to experiment by doing things that he considers (and maybe others too!) “outside the norm” but it’s a more cerebral than carnal sexuality as he elaborates ideals and pursues his own particular sense of desire….”I want you but if you show me that you want me too then I don’t want you anymore!”

    You could experiment some or all of the above or you might meet these characteristics in other people’s behaviour.

    Still talking about Mars, but from another take, the late and great astrologer, Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson, speculated that the house where Mars is found in the natal chart is the place that, if necessary, we can adopt the attitude of “I can do without if I must” since Mars is the planet that cuts and removes often with surgical precision. Have you found this true about the Mars position in your chart? Would you be capable, although unwilling, to remove or relinquish something that has to do with the matters of the house where Mars is to be found?

    Have you ever kept track of Mars as it transits your natal chart? Obviously it doesn’t only pass through a certain sign and house but it also makes aspects to other planets and angles on its way. For example, conjunctions (in the same sign of Aquarius).oppositions (in the sign of Leo), squares (in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio) and trines (in the signs of Libra and Gemini). Worthy of note are also the houses with Aries and Scorpio on the cusps of your natal chart as well as the natal placement of Mars in your chart.

    Mars will be making the following aspects during his stay in Aquarius:

    18th September: square retrograde Uranus in Taurus at 1°53’…two stubborn signs, who will win? The rational or the practical side of eccentricity? It could be a tad upsetting either way.

    24th September: trine Mercury in Libra at 3°34’….original ideas could be delivered in a diplomatic way or you could play with words to the extent that they become too far-fetched to be believed!

    19th October: square Mercury in Scorpio at 14°23’….don’t be too persistent in following any ideas that seem bizarre to the most nor get too pessimistic if people don’t understand.

    “I’ve always had a duck personality. Calm above water, feet going crazy below.” K. Flay

    Which house has Aquarius on the cusp in your natal chart and what do expect from this transit?


    Goldstein-Jacobson I.M. (1961) “Here and There in Astrology”, Notebook for Mars, pp.25-34, Pasadena Lithographers, Pasadena, Cal. USA

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    Great article! Thanks a lot for detailed insight. Love your blog:) What about 3rd Mars-South Node conjunction in transit, what we can expect to be an outcome? Especially if we have in mind that they are conjunct again at the point of July lunar eclipse. I'm curious, person is having Venus (ruler of 6th and 11th, depositor of Jupiter and Saturn rulers of ASC and 2nd house) house on 4 degrees of Aquarius in 2nd house. It is exact degree of July solar eclipse. Also, Mars and SN will conjunct that point during the September transit. What can be expected? Thank you

    Hi Ana, thank you! I'd work these transits out separately, rather than t Mars aspecting t SN I'd consider t SN conjuncting n Venus which usually brings a bit of a low point in all things regarding the sentimental/financial/self-esteem. It's time to re-assess things in our relationships and money matters could become "tight" (a bit like a Saturn transit to Venus really). t Mars could add an argumentative note to all this, not wanting to let go (fixed Aquarius) rather than using the energy to resolve the best we can. Hope that helps, these are just a few thoughts I have but obviously the chart would need to be examined in greater detail. Warmest wishes, Lynn