Mars is leaving his home sign of Aries to enter his detriment in one of Venus’s home signs.

    From daredevil and impossible to sensual and possessive.

    Mars in Taurus thrives on security, safety, routine and organization, slow to warm up but super passionate once the fire is lit.

    Mars is in his detriment in Taurus, he’s not his usual self so anger tends to fester and boil but when it explodes the devastation is usually total and irreversible. On the plus side no one resists and perseveres longer than Mars in Taurus in any endeavour he undertakes.

    During the planet’s stay in Taurus, it will make the following aspects:

    26-27 July: square Mercury 14°40’ (Taurus-Leo) – opinions could be challenged today, don’t take everything as a personal affront.

    01 August: – conjunct North Node (18°33’) and Uranus (18°42’) – huge, unexpected energy that could be life-changing for some.

    07-08 August: – square Saturn R (22°24’) – you could be forced to slow down or you could proceed in a very driven but slow way.

    11 August: sextile Neptune R (24°56’) – just relax.

    14 August: trine Pluto R (26°45’) – ambitions may be stimulated without having to wield too much power under this transit.

    Are you looking forward to the switch from Aries to Taurus?

    Artwork: myskypie2022

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