• and tired is the new normal…

    Although in its own triplicity in Pisces, Mars tends nevertheless to lose itself a little in this sign. Energies are scattered and vitality is often low which might lead to a tendency to brooding and introspection.

    On the other hand, Mars in Pisces is often gifted with an unusual intuitive accuracy but frequently prefers to win by yielding itself to the other as it moves from one mood to another with great ease thus creating confusion in the adversary. Helplessness is often used as a weapon “poor me” in the hope of creating a bad conscious in the opponent.

    For the first 3 days of its stay in Pisces, Mars will also be contra-parallel to Uranus by declination adding further unpredictability to the actions of this naturally energetic planet.

    During its stay in Pisces Mars will make the following aspects:

    3rd June 2020 square Venus R at 14°: love might be undermined by struggles which are more spiritual than real since Mars is indolent in Pisces and Venus retrograde in Gemini prefers to think things over rather than make them real.

    13th June 2020 conjunct Neptune at 21°: irritability, fevers and rashes could suddenly appear without apparent cause, take it easy and rest.


    Artwork: myskypie2020