the diplomat….

    Mars isn’t particularly happy in the sign of Libra, the sign of its detriment. It’s one of Venus’s home signs and of course fiery Mars can’t possibly be content with all that “harmony and goodwill to all” crap but the good news is that until the 7th of October Venus is travelling through Scorpio so the two planets are enjoying what is known as “mutual reception” (each in one another’s signs) indicating that they should aid each other if need be (but with both planets in each other’s detriment we could more or less liken them to two drunks who prop themselves up in order to walk).

    Mars in Libra obviously “fights” for fairness and uses his energy to charm and befriend but his lack of willingness to seriously engage leads to indecision and compromise either of which can often start off a spiral of frustration for all involved until the fuse eventually blows.

    During the sojourn in Libra Mars will make the following aspects (all times GMT):

    25 September: trine Saturn R (07°06’) – coping well I any situation.

    19 October: trine Jupiter R (22°20’) – loads of energy – use it well.

    22 October: square Pluto R (24°22’) – ambitions are high but power struggles could be round the corner so a quick fuse should not be ignited during this transit.

    Artwork: myskypie2021