• After being rather uncomfortable in Taurus, the sign of his detriment, where sensuality and stubbornness perhaps added to the planet’s allure, Mars is now ready for mental rationality, quick thinking, dexterity and perhaps even some maverick moves. Mars in Gemini is rather unleashed and free to prank around as and if he pleases, Gemini is, after all, a smart-ass sign that nearly always manages to have the last word, well, sometimes, all the words, since the gift of the gab certainly is part of this socialite sign.

    Mars in Gemini can lend itself to glib remarks and extreme sarcasm when provoked so if your chart is involved during this transit in Gemini careful how you respond ‘cos it could cause a back-lash.

    Bringing this transit down to a more personal level, I will be having my Mars return on the 12th of March. This occurs every two years or so and if you pull up a chart for the time of the exact return (a bit like doing a Solar return chart) then the position of Mars in this new chart will indicate the area of your life where you will be putting most of your energy over the next two years.

    Grease your tongue and sharpen your brain for the next six weeks or so!


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