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    Jupiter stations retrograde at 27°14’ Capricorn (antiscion 2°46 Sagittarius). It is the 4th planet to turn retrograde over the last 30 days (Pluto, Saturn and Venus are already retrograde) and Mercury and Neptune will follow suit in June making for a total of 6 planets retrograde.

    During Jupiter’s transit of Capricorn we may have already experienced a sense of repressed or curtailed freedom where fear of the truth or of knowing too much could be or have been very present in our lives, this effect may be felt on a personal level as the result of mundane events over which we have little or no control. It’s certainly not a transit conducive to risk-taking of any kind. Goodwill could also become very selective during this transit as we each search to protect our own rather than meet the adversary half-way.

    On the plus side there could be a big take on responsibility, duty and integrity with Jupiter in the sign of the sea-goat since a basic belief in tradition, hierarchy and Establishment is still underlying and adds a conservative nuance to the entire transit. Other positive traits could include having the ambition to get to the truth despite all and being honest enough to abide by the truth.

    Over the next four months we will have an opportunity to get back in touch with our inner self as a cautious optimism about future events gradually invades us, more at an interior level rather than an exterior one.

    Peer pressure may fall short of its mark and be perceived as a nuisance rather than an invitation to do better. This is also not the best time to finalise legal or financial deals since our judgement could be faulty.

    After its retrograde cycle Jupiter will station direct at 17°24’ Capricorn on the 12th of September so this transit will affect persons with planets or angles between 24-14° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).

    Jupiter represents, among many other things, foreign travel, ideals, teaching, learning, legal matters, religion, the clergy, indigo-violet-purple colours, the hips, thighs and liver.

    The Sabian symbol for 28° Capricorn: “A large aviary.” Indicating the enjoyment of spiritual values by the soul able to familiarise itself with their implications.

    For 3° Sagittarius: “Two men playing chess.” Indicating the transcendent ritualization of conflict.

    “I looked outside to see what I could make the world give me, instead of looking inside to see what was there.”  Bell Livingstone

    What or where do you need to tune down or turn up during this retrograde?



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