After a four-month long retrograde period, Jupiter finally stations direct at 22°19’ Aquarius (antiscion 7°41’ Scorpio). Jupiter is the third planet to turn direct this month.

    Over the last four months we will have had an opportunity to get back in touch with our inner self as a cautious optimism about future events gradually invaded us, more at an interior level rather than an exterior one.

    Peer pressure may have fallen short of its mark and have been perceived as a nuisance rather than an invitation to do better. This was also not the best time to have finalised legal or financial deals since our judgement could have been faulty.

    Jupiter turns direct in its own term in Aquarius, a sign in which Jupiter hints at big ideas and ideals that are not always feasible, it also glorifies personal freedom and champions human rights. Too much optimism could however lead to superficiality and the refusal to examine how sustainable the theories and ideals might just be. Remember that Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign so some ideas and rational just stick too much even when they prove lacking in some way.

    However, Jupiter in Aquarius is also about believing that ordinary people can do something good for the collectivity. Freedom, humanitarianism and democracy lend themselves to tolerance in matters that might not yet be considered as morally or socially correct. We may finally realise that we are all equal, as least as far as our primary legal rights are concerned.

    Gender equality and more rights for all will become the norm under this transit. As will new ways to exploit technology to make life easier in a completely new way. We will learn to become more socially aware and less “social” obsessed.

    Jupiter represents, among many other things, foreign travel, ideals, teaching, learning, legal matters, religion, the clergy, indigo-violet-purple colours, the hips, thighs and liver.

    The Sabian symbol for 23° Aquarius: “A big bear sitting down and waving all its paws.” Indicating the self-discipline which results from an intelligent development of individual faculties under proper training.

    For the antiscion at 8° Scorpio: “A calm lake bathed in moonlight.” Indicating a quiet openness to quiet inspiration.

    Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained.Helen Keller




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