• the planet of width enters the sign of depth…from Air to Water, from love to lust

    After spending a year in the Cardinal, Air sign of Libra dispensing love, harmony and justice, and perhaps feeling wronged himself, Jupiter now enters the murky quagmire of the Fixed, Water sign Scorpio. Moving from the extrovert Air to the introvert Water element. Here diamonds are surely to be found, but only by those who are prepared to dig deep and expose the real from the fake.

    Jupiter, or Zeus as the ancient Greeks knew him, was the King of the Olympian gods. He was omniscient, knowing and seeing everything, as well as dispensing good and evil not only in the Heavens but also among the mortals on the Earth. Although married to a very jealous spouse (Hera) he had great difficulty keeping his private parts under his tunic and managed to have many extra-marital affairs with goddesses and mortals alike thus producing an incredible number of children who he always left to be raised by others.

    Consequently we associate Jupiter with growth, expansion and luck which, if exaggerated, can also lead to greed and dissatisfaction in some cases, making us believe that the truth and future are elsewhere and so prompting us to explore further.

    Scorpio, ruled by Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern) is linked to the eighth house of the zodiac which deals among other matters with death and rebirth, other people’s resources, taxes, inheritances, transformation and sexuality (modern astrology). Its down-side involves mystery, suspicion, manipulation and deviation.

    “Technically, the only way water can be fixed is when it is ice.

    Certainly the iceberg, like Scorpio, reveals little of itself,

    the greatest part being submerged

    and treacherous.” (1)

    As soon as we think about the sign of Scorpio then the planet Pluto comes immediately to mind. We might like to recall that Pluto was given co-rulership of Scorpio some years after its discovery in 1930 and that Mars (the lesser malefic) in fact has always been the traditional ruler of Scorpio and is still worth considering as such.

    Therefore if I say Jupiter-Pluto then matters such as, finding hidden treasure, enormous wealth, deep psychological truths, tremendous power, strong convictions, manipulative power, spiritual transformation, fanaticism and arrogance might pop into your mind.

    Jupiter-Mars contacts conjure up scenarios such as fighting for beliefs, (self) promotion, getting into trouble, romping around, wanting to play, gambling, having too much energy, being self-indulgent and very extravagant.

    As you can see, the possibilities in positive and negative are various and plentiful, basically, it’s up to us to decide just which energies we intend to put to our best use. Some ideas for Jupiter in Scorpio thus might be: bringing our darkest parts to light, illuminating our shadow, more sexuality, exposing covert activities,  positive changes in psychological taboos, not accepting limitations or facts as they are presented but carefully examining them with an open attitude.

    the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio

    was from 26th October 2005

    to 23rd November 2006

    what was happening then in your life?

    During Jupiter’s transit in the house ruled by Scorpio in your chart (and the contacts it makes to planets and angles as it moves through that house) maybe you could ask yourself a few questions, such as:

    Have I been under-valuing myself in this sector of my life? Do I need to dig deeper?

    Have I been settling for less rather than more? What have I been overlooking?

    Am I keeping myself back in some way? Do I need to do some self-promotion?

    And…is there a danger that I could over-estimate myself here? This is very real!!

    Asking yourself this kind of question and listening to your answers will mean using the energy of Jupiter (expansion and growth) to its best during the year to come. This is the teaching of a branch of astrology known as “Evolutionary Astrology”.  It’s a way of engaging yourself in your own journey instead of being passive and hoping for the best.

    Nonetheless, I’ve found that Jupiter transits are heralded by great expectations but usually deliver about 10% of what we hope for if we don’t take up or search for opportunities in that sector of life which the transit touches. So, if Jupiter enters your 7th house and you’re looking for a mate then stir up that energy, start socializing, change the venues where you normally hang out because if you don’t then it’s a bit far-reached to think that someone will knock on your door to say “Hi, I’m here for you”, except of course, if you’ve set your eyes on the person who delivers the post or the take-away!

    create your own opportunities

    As it moves through Scorpio, Jupiter will make the following aspects to Mars and the outer planets:

    Conjunct Mars at 17°50’ 6th Jan 2018, sextile Mars in Capricorn 20°18’ 24th April 2018

    Trine Neptune in Pisces: 11°30’ 3rd Dec 2017, 16°19’ with Jupiter R 24th May 2018, 15°35’ with Neptune R 19th August 2018

    Sextile Pluto in Capricorn:  19°26’ 20th Jan 2018,  21°16’ Jupiter R 14th April 2018, 18°52’ Pluto R 12th Sept 2018

    Let’s remember: “It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you. If you allow it.” Anon



    1 Freeman M. (1981) “How to Interpret a Birth Chart: A Guide to the Analysis and Synthesis of Astrological Charts” Aquarian Press

    Image: Dynamic Scorpio Painting by Ricardo Chavez-Mendez