Jupiter enters its night-time sign just a few days before the New Year dawns. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and in later times Neptune was also assigned as co-ruler of Pisces. Jupiter is the truth-seeker, it uses knowledge to expand its horizon, both on an earthly and spiritual level. Neptune wants to understand the unknown, the untouchable, the unfathomable.

    Jupiter will be rushing through Pisces and bursting into Aries on the 11th of May 2022 to then retrograde back into Pisces on the 27th of November until the 21st of December when it once more enters the sign of Aries.

    Jupiter will conjoin Neptune (co-ruler of Pisces) the 12th April 2022 at 23°58’ Pisces.

    Jupiter is a hot moist, masculine and diurnal planet whilst Pisces is a cold moist, nocturnal and feminine sign.

    The last time Jupiter transited the sign of Pisces was in 2010. What was going on in your life then?

    Here’s an excerpt from astrologer Ingrid Lund’s article on Jupiter through the signs taken from the Astrological Journal, June 1961, p20:

    “Jupiter in Pisces has the same kindly instincts, taken a step further into philanthropy or self-sacrifice. Sometimes it is not so much self-sacrifice as self-disguise, for the infinite adaptability of Pisces makes it very much the actor Sign. The true character actor who loses his own personality in the role he is playing. But acting is only one way of externalising an exaggerated instinct to merge. At a high level, this is mysticism and unity with the Godhead. At a more mundane level there is secret or behind-the scenes work, where the ego is submerged and gets no immediate credit for the work performed.

    This can exaggerate the muddles of Pisces, the vagueness and lack of practical common sense. It can also increase the escapist tendencies of this Sign.:. love of drink, drugs and sensationalism. But the faults of Jupiter, though irritating, are always due to an amiable intemperance; an inability to put on the brakes.”

    We all know that Jupiter is the planet of expansion and is associated with knowledge, truth, travel to foreign countries, politics, legal issues, religion, culture, open-mindedness etc.

    The sign of Pisces on the other hand offers virtues such as; compassion, imagination, secretiveness, gullibility, self-indulgence, weak-will, deception, not forgetting its tendency towards victimhood and martyrdom etc.

    So, what might we expect from Jupiter in Pisces?

    Religious issues (Jupiter) will probably be at the forefront, the who might be right (Jupiter) versus the who is supposedly wrong (Pisces).

    New laws (Jupiter) regarding substance abuse (Pisces-Neptune) and its victims (Pisces-Neptune) may also be on the agenda of the more progressed countries (Jupiter).

    Travel to foreign destinations (Jupiter) may also be finally on the agenda for many of us after months of isolation (Pisces) but this could be just an illusion (Neptune in Pisces).

    There may be secret (Pisces-Neptune) negotiations (Jupiter) between foreign countries (Jupiter) at a political (Jupiter) level.

    Expansion (Jupiter) of self-indulgence and/or self-deceit (Pisces-Neptune) could also be topics brought up by this transit.

    Inflation (Jupiter) and distortion (Neptune) of the truth (Jupiter) delivered by the media (Jupiter-Neptune).

    The above are only a few of the many possibilities available.

    “Don’t sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there’s nothing else you can give and nobody will care for you.” Karl Lagerfeld