• The first of three conjunctions between these planets in Capricorn, the others taking place on 30th June (24°06’ R) and 12th November (22°51’) this year.

    This one occurs at 24°53’ Capricorn with both planets being direct (antiscion 5°07’ Sagittarius) still within orb of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which took place in mid-January this year.

    Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions occur approximately every 12.5-13 years, the last one was a one-time hit in the sign of Sagittarius in December 2007, it usually brings with it a great desire for power or knowledge in some form associated with the sign where the conjunction occurs. Interestingly in December of that year Episouth, the European Centre for the Prevention and Control of Diseases held its second meeting in Athens to discuss a “Network for Communicable Disease Control in Southern Europe and Mediterranean Countries”.

    The present conjunction, as we all know, is in the sign of Capricorn which rules tradition, ambition and establishment among other things.

    Pluto in Capricorn could be about some form of unconscious reaction to leadership and governments with a fallen-Jupiter likely to ramp things up in a not particularly healthy way. A “might makes right” attitude leading to gross misuse of power by those who have it or a drive to gain power by those who don’t.

    Jupiter is about morality, law, religion and all things foreign. Pluto deals with power, secrecy, transformation and rebirth from the ruins.

    Jupiter-Pluto also indicates power through growth as well as excessive power and arrogance. As you can see, planetary energies can be interpreted in many and diverse ways.

    I want to believe however that Pluto-Jupiter will mean a deep reaching transformation (Pluto) for the better (Jupiter) and with Mars and Saturn both presently in Aquarius that this might mean that new solutions can be found to old problems in a more humanitarian manner.

    Jupiter-Pluto have been parallel by declination since January this year and will continue to be so until early May, for many astrologers this is a much stronger aspect than the conjunction by longitude so we probably have all become more than familiar with the gist of this aspect by now.

    “Every storm runs out of rain, just like every dark night turns into day.”   Gary Allan


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