• Will it be easier the third time round?

    The last of three conjunctions between these planets in Capricorn and at 22°51’ (antiscion 7°09’ Sagittarius), the others having taken place on the April 5th (24°53’) and June 30th (24°06’ R).

    This one seems even more relevant since it is on and activating the degree of last January’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

    Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions occur approximately every 12.5-13 years, the last one was a one-time hit in the sign of Sagittarius in December 2007, it usually brings with it a great desire for power or knowledge in some form associated with the sign where the conjunction occurs. Interestingly in December of that year Episouth, the European Centre for the Prevention and Control of Diseases held its second meeting in Athens to discuss a “Network for Communicable Disease Control in Southern Europe and Mediterranean Countries”.

    The present conjunction, as we all know, is in the sign of Capricorn which rules tradition, ambition and establishment among other things.

    Pluto in Capricorn could be about some form of unconscious reaction to leadership and governments and Jupiter, in its fall in Capricorn, is likely to ramp things up in a not particularly healthy way. A “might makes right” attitude leading to gross misuse of power by those who have it or a drive to gain power by those who don’t.

    Jupiter is about morality, law, religion and all things foreign. Pluto deals with power, secrecy, transformation and rebirth from the ruins.

    Jupiter-Pluto also indicates power through growth as well as excessive power and arrogance. So that could mean powerful religion, laws etc, control of these or even obsession with these subjects. As you can see, planetary energies can be interpreted in many and diverse ways.

    Jupiter-Pluto have been in orb of conjunction for the most part of this year and have been parallel by declination since July this year and will continue to be so until late November, for many astrologers this is a much stronger aspect than the conjunction by longitude so we probably have all become more than familiar with the gist of this aspect by now.

    I want to believe that Pluto-Jupiter will mean a deep reaching transformation (Pluto) for the better (Jupiter). However, Mars will station direct on the 14th November in the mid-degrees of Aries and will then move into a square aspect with Pluto more or less on the same day that Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at 0° Aquarius (week of 21st December), only to follow by squaring first Saturn and then Jupiter after Mars enters Taurus and when Saturn and Jupiter will both be in Aquarius. Mars-Pluto hard aspects are high energy aspects that often have to do with violence springing from power conflicts and which hopefully will be curbed or somehow restrained when Mars enters Taurus and squares Saturn then in Aquarius, the ensuing Mars-Jupiter square could make the energy go in either direction especially since Mars will be in orb of an applying conjunction to Uranus at that time. We can only hope that goodwill and good sense prevail using the better traits of Aquarian energy to move forward as a whole without continually tripping up on our own egoism.

    The Sabian symbol for 23° Capricorn: “A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.” Indicating the reward offered by society for the fulfilment of individual responsibility.

    For 8° Sagittarius: “Within the depths of the Earth new elements are being formed.” Indicating the alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of man’s inner life.

    “Morality binds people into groups. It gives us tribalism, it gives us genocide, war, and politics. But it also gives us heroism, altruism, and sainthood.” Jonathan Haidt



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