• Horoscopes for January 2016 now posted

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    A sneak into the future with your monthly horoscope…the energies of the zodiac explained! Your forecast for the month of January 2016 is now posted on the horoscope page of the blog.

    Hi, my name is Lynn. I’m a professional, fully qualified Western astrologer (DMS Astrol) and member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International, specialised in the interpretation of natal charts and solar returns.

    I hope you enjoy reading my monthly snapshots of the sky for the twelve Sun signs. My aim is to awaken your resourcefulness towards the possibilities available over the next thirty days since I firmly believe that “forewarned is forearmed”.

    These scopes will provide you with an insight to the energies available for you during the coming month but the outcome depends entirely on you and how you make your best use of them. I purposely keep them concise so that they’re easy to remember throughout the month. They are, however, only indications of the how the coming month might work out for you (and all the other people that share your Sun and Rising signs!) since only a personalized reading of your own birth chart can give you more precise indications of how your personal future might unfold and what factors may be keeping you from moving on out of stagnant situations.

    Read both your own Sun sign and your Rising sign (Ascendant). If you do not know your Rising Sign, go to www.astro.com and have your chart cast (it’s free), because you will get much more from these scopes if you know the Ascendant or Rising sign of your own chart.

    Astrology is a fact, in most instances.  But astrological aspects are but signs, symbols.  No influence is of greater value or of greater help than the will of an individual…. Do not attempt to be guided by, but use the astrological influences as the means to meet or to overcome the faults and failures, or to minimize the faults and to magnify the virtues in self.  ~Edgar Cayce