• Full Moon at 9°55’ Capricorn on 2nd July 2015

  • halloween_nightThe Full Moon on 2nd July in the serious, ambitious sign of Capricorn has the flavour of the 4th-10th house axis (Cancer-Capricorn), the intimate versus the public, home versus work/career, fluidity versus rigidity etc.

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this moon the “Grandmother’s Moon”. The Grandmother is the head of her family, clan or tribe and she rules all blood relatives and cares for them intensely.

    Under this Moon we may feel older, wiser and a little more rigid, it’s the destiny of Capricorn to embody maturity and this Full Moon is the archetype of the Elder in all her fullness.

    So, under this Moon we may honour our family elders (both living and dead) and our focus will turn to our close relatives. It’s a time to get organized and to take responsibility also at an emotional level.

    Full Moon is the time to reap rewards for past endeavours, things undertaken at the last New Moon. It signals the climax of a cycle when our energy is at its peak and when the time is ripe for the harvest.

    This Full Moon also widely squares the April 4th Lunar Eclipse at 14°24’Libra thus possibly triggering events in the brewing at that time for those who have planets or angles in aspect to 14°24’ Libra.

    As well as keeping track of the various Moon phases and how these affect you, I find very it interesting to follow the Moon in its monthly circuit of the zodiac. Note in which house it falls daily because the matters of that house will be illuminated for the two and a half days of its sojourn there and if you do this on a regular daily basis you will certainly find a pattern, some days you’re more nervous than others, other times you’re feeling more benevolent etc.

    Which house in your chart does this Full Moon fall in?