• After 8 years in Pisces (April 2010 to April 2018) Chiron enters Aries on 17th April 2018, moves back in Pisces on 26th Sept 2018 and then moves permanently into Aries on 18th Feb 2019 until May 2027.

    Whilst in watery Pisces the planetoid gave us the opportunity to feel our own pain and grief as well as that of others. It also enabled those with an inclination (or vocation) as a healer to help others overcome their pain and discomfort.

    In Aries, Chiron takes on the properties of this Fire sign with its “I exist” assertiveness and inner sense of vibrancy, bravely facing its own wounds as well as actively helping others with theirs. Or by being more daring or simply more brilliant in whatever section of the natal horoscope it occupies.

    The Chiron glyph

    The Chiron glyph resembles a K with a circle under the vertical bar. For astrologer Richard Nolle this represents the key that opens the door to a deeper understanding of ourselves. Whilst for astrologer Kim Roger-Gallagher* the glyph is very similar to the wheelchair disability symbol which was adopted when Chiron was also at 0° Aries, a potent degree symbolizing the birth of something!

    More information about Chiron

    Chiron was discovered by Charles Kowal on 1st November 1977, since it didn’t fit into the classical categories of celestial bodies it has been alternately described as asteroid, comet and planetoid. It spends most of its time in a seemingly retrograde motion between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus and since its orbit is particularly irregular it spends variable amounts of time in each sign before returning to its original position in the natal chart after approximately 50 years. If you wish to follow the transits of Chiron in your natal chart then you need to use the ephemeris since mental calculations are impossible due to its elliptic nature. For women, the Chiron return at approx. 50-52 years of age, often corresponds with the menopause.

    Chiron, in the Greek myth was known as the “Wounded Healer”. Raised by the gods, Chiron enjoyed a vast education in various subjects; medicine, warfare, music, hunting, ethics, philosophy and astrology, later in life he taught these subjects with particular emphasis on warfare and healing. The myth has it that he was accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow during a drinking bout with others centaurs, the arrow belonged to Hercules. The poison came from the deadly Hydra and it was impossible for Chiron to heal the wound with his own medicine.

    Closely following the myth it has become common belief in modern astrology that Chiron symbolizes that which might be damaged and in need of healing, and the processes of self-discovery and wisdom-getting that accompany such learning and healing journeys. A completely different approach comes from the late Dennis Elwell in his book “The Cosmic Loom”, he preferred a more courageous, cocky and brave version of Chiron where, under its influence, “life summons the impertinence to push upwards to ever more hazardous plateaus of fulfilment.”

    From a personal point of view of my own chart I have seen Chiron active in harsh aspects during critical times in my life but never as a sole actor always when I was also going through major harsh transits from other planets.

    How has Chiron played out in your life?


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    Image: Kiron glyph

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