• astrological-wheelI thought you might enjoy the Astro-Transit calendar that I prepare for myself each year:

    Movements of the outer planets throughout the year:

    Saturn                  21° Sagittarius to 1° Capricorn

    Uranus                 20-24° Aries

    Neptune               9-11° Pisces

    Pluto                     16-18° Capricorn



    JANUARY 2017

    07th January       Mercury stations direct 28°54’ Capricorn

    12th January       Full Moon 22°27’ Cancer

    28th January       New Moon 8°15’ Aquarius

    28th January       Mars enters Aries


    FEBRUARY 2017

    05th February     Jupiter stations retrograde 23°08’ Libra

    11th February      Full Moon 22°28’ Leo and Lunar Annular Eclipse

    26th February      New Moon 8°12’ Pisces and Solar Annular Eclipse


    MARCH 2017

    02nd March         Jupiter retrograde (Libra) opposite Uranus (Aries) 22°09’

    03rd March          Venus stations retrograde 13°07’ Aries

    10th March          Mars enters Taurus

    12th March          Full Moon 22°12’ Virgo

    28th March          New Moon 7°37’ Aries

    30th March          Jupiter retrograde (Libra) square Pluto Capricorn 19°17’


    APRIL 2017

    05th April              Saturn stations retrograde 27°47’ Sagittarius

    09th April              Mercury stations retrograde 4°50’ Taurus

    11th April               Full Moon 21°33’ Libra

    14th April              Venus stations direct 26°55’ Pisces

    20th April             Pluto stations retrograde 19°23’ Capricorn

    21st April              Mars enters Gemini

    26th April              New Moon 6°27’ Taurus


    MAY 2017

    03rd May              Mercury stations direct 24°16’ Aries

    10th May              Full Moon 20°24’ Scorpio

    19th May              Saturn retrograde (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aries) 26°20’

    25th May              New Moon 4°47’ Gemini


    JUNE 2017

    05th June             Mars enters Cancer

    09th June             Full Moon 18°53’ Sagittarius

    09th June             Jupiter stations direct 13°13’ Libra

    15th June              Neptune stations retrograde 14°16’ Pisces

    24th June             New Moon 2°47’ Cancer


    JULY 2017

    09th July                Full Moon 17°09’ Capricorn

    11th July                Uranus (Aries) semi-square Neptune retrograde (Pisces)

    21st July                Mars enters Leo

    23rd July               New Moon 0°44’ Leo


    AUGUST 2017 

    02nd August        Uranus stations retrograde 28°31’ Aries

    04th August         Jupiter (Libra) square Pluto retrograde (Capricorn) 17°31’

    07th August         Full Moon and partial Lunar Eclipse 15°25’ Aquarius

    12th August         Mercury stations retrograde 11°37’ Virgo

    21st August          New Moon and total Solar Eclipse 28°53’ Leo

    25th August         Saturn stations direct 21°10’ Sagittarius


    SEPTEMBER 2017

    04th Sept              Mercury stations direct 28°29’ Leo

    05th Sept              Mars enters Virgo

    06th Sept              Full Moon 13°53’ Pisces

    20th Sept              New Moon 27°27’ Virgo

    28th Sept              Pluto stations direct 16°51’ Capricorn

    28th Sept              Jupiter (Libra) opposite Uranus retrograde (Aries) 27°24’


    OCTOBER 2017

    05th October      Full Moon 12°43’ Aries

    07th October      Uranus retrograde (Aries) semi-square Neptune retrograde (Pisces)

    11th October       Jupiter enters Scorpio

    19th October      New Moon 26°35’ Libra

    23rd October      Mars enters Libra


    NOVEMBER 2017

    04th Nov              Full Moon 11°59’ Taurus

    11th Nov               Saturn (Sagittarius) trine Uranus retrograde (Aries)25°37’

    18th Nov               New Moon 26°19’ Scorpio

    22nd Nov              Neptune stations direct 11°27’ Pisces


    December 2017

    02nd Dec               Mercury stations retrograde 29°15’ Sagittarius

    03rd Dec               Jupiter (Scorpio) trines Neptune (Pisces) 11°30’

    03rd Dec               Full Moon 11°40’ Gemini

    18th Dec                New Moon 26°31’ Sagittarius

    22nd Dec               Mercury stations direct 15°39’ Sagittarius


    Image: Astrological Wheel