• 2016 yearA glimpse at some of the astrological events and transits occurring in the zodiac during the New Year 2016 which is a leap year:

    Movements of the trans-Saturnian planets during the year:

    Saturn                  9°-21° Sagittarius

    Uranus                 16°-24° Aries

    Neptune             7°-12 Pisces

    Pluto                    14°-16° Capricorn

    January 2016

    4th Jan                   Mars enters Scorpio

    5th Jan                   Mercury stations retrograde at 1°02’ Aquarius

    7th Jan                   Jupiter stations retrograde at 23°14’ Virgo

    9th Jan                   Mercury retrogrades into Capricorn

    10th Jan                New Moon at 19° Capricorn

    24th Jan                Full Moon at 3° Leo

    25th Jan                Mercury stations direct at 14°55’ Capricorn

    February 2016

    8th Feb                  New Moon at 19° Aquarius

    28th Feb               Full Moon at 3° Virgo

    March 2016

    6th Mar                 Mars enters Sagittarius

    9th Mar                 New Moon at 19° Pisces and total solar eclipse

    23rd Mar               Full Moon at 3° Libra e annular lunar eclipse

    24th Mar               Saturn stations retrograde at 16°24’ Sagittarius

    April 2016

    7th Apr                  New Moon at 18° Aries

    17th Apr                Mars stations retrograde at 8°54’ Sagittarius

    17th Apr                Pluto stations retrograde at 17°29’ Capricorn

    22nd Apr               Full Moon at 2° Scorpio

    28th Apr                Mercury stations retrograde at 23°36’ Taurus

    May 2016

    6th May                 New Moon at 16° Taurus

    9th May                 Jupiter stations direct at 13°15’ Virgo

    21st May               Full Moon at 1° Sagittarius

    22nd May              Mercury stations direct at 14°20’ Taurus

    28th May              Mars retrogrades into Scorpio

    June 2016

    5th June                New Moon at 15° Gemini

    13th June             Neptune stations retrograde at 12°02’ Pisces

    17th June             Saturn retrograde square Neptune retrograde at 12°2’

    20th June             Full Moon at 29° Sagittarius

    29th June             Mars stations direct at 23°03’ Scorpio

    July 2016

    4th July                 New Moon at 13° Cancer

    19th July               Full Moon at 28° Capricorn

    29th July               Uranus stations retrograde at 24°30’ Aries

    August 2016

    2nd Aug                 New Moon at 11° Leo

    3rd Aug                 Mars enters Sagittarius

    12th Aug               Saturn stations direct at 9°46’ Sagittarius

    18th Aug               Full Moon at 26° Aquarius

    30th Aug               Mercury stations retrograde at 29°04’ Virgo

    September 2016

    1st Sep                  New Moon at 9° Virgo and annular Solar eclipse

    9th Sep                 Jupiter enters the sign of Libra

    10th Sep               Saturn square Neptune retrograde at 10°24’

    16th Sep               Full Moon at 24° Pisces and annular Lunar eclipse

    21st Sep                Mercury stations direct at 14°52’ Virgo

    26th Sep               Pluto stations direct at 14°55 Capricorn

    27th Sep               Mars enters Capricorn

    October 2016

    1st Oct                   New Moon at 8° Libra

    16th Oct                Full Moon at 23° Aries

    30th Oct                New Moon at 8° Scorpio

    November 2016

    9th Nov                 Mars enters Aquarius

    14th Nov               Full Moon at 22° Taurus

    18th Nov               Neptune stations direct at 9°14’ Pisces

    29th Nov               New Moon at 8° Sagittarius

    December 2016

    14th Dec               Full Moon at 22° Gemini

    18th Dec               Mercury stations retrograde at 15°03’ Capricorn

    19th Dec               Mars enters Pisces

    28th Dec               Uranus stations direct at 20°33’ Aries

    29th Dec               New Moon at 8° Capricorn