• Venus in GeminiVENUS ENTERS GEMINI ON 11 APRIL 2023

    From Earth to Air, from sensual to frivolous…it’s party time!

    On the 17th of April Venus will go OOB until the 2nd of June so expect a more decisive Venus during that time not always as sweet and loving as we might expect normally.

    Venus in Gemini is known for being flirty and also for its refined social skills although it dislikes commitment both sentimentally and financially. Venus in Gemini enjoys a lot of mental fertility, and it reflects a lot on matters of the heart (usually deciding that single is better than partnered) since it is far too rational to be interested in steady love unions. It could also be a spendthrift as far as intellectual pursuits are concerned (books especially) since it values communication and information.

    Whatever side of itself it shows in Gemini, Venus here is a definitely a party animal!

    During its stay in Gemini the planet will make the following aspects:

    11th April – trine Pluto (00°15’) – intensely romantic or just very artistic?

    14th April – square Saturn (04°03’) – sentiments might seem to take a nose-dive today.

    04th May – square Neptune (26°50’) – love expectations may be a little too unreal or you could be artistically inspired.

    5th May – sextile Jupiter (27°19’) – a be happy transit.


    Artwork: myskypie2023


    FB page: My Sky Pie