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    November 15, 2017 | Blog
  • With 4 planets in the mutable signs including a natal, stationary Saturn at 25°32’ Virgo I have been obviously very attentive to transiting Saturn’s sojourn in Sagittarius over the last two and a half years.

    Having had a third and final exact square from the transiting planet to my natal Saturn (in 11th, rules 3rd  and the traditional 4th and the transit was in my 2nd) on the 10th November I’ve clearly been keeping track of the planet even more accurately over the last couple of weeks and now I can safely say that Saturn is galloping towards Capricorn in true Sagittarius fashion! In fact the planet is travelling forwards at 06 minutes of arc per day, three times its normal average speed of 02 minutes per day, good old Saturn picking up his heels and getting a move on!

    Psychologically, I am definitely feeling “lighter” – (although another curveball isn’t to be excluded since it’s still well in orb) but I have Jupiter and Venus who coupled up on Monday right on my Scorpio Ascendant and this is certainly something to feel enthusiastic about since they’ll be transiting my first house for a while.

    Back to Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius, for me, theme-wise, and without going into boring (for you) and painful (for me) details, I can say that it was very similar to its last transit in this sign (17th November 1985 to 11th November 1988). The big difference being is that during the latter part of this present transit I seem to have finally got a handle on this cumbersome energy. I’ve realized that being respectful and dutiful is often to my detriment because people take advantage, they become to expect and then that hurts because like many, if not all people, I enjoy giving when it’s spontaneous not when it becomes a norm and people get uptight if you’re not there all the time helping them.

    I’ve realized that however big a control freak I become (and I have really done honour to this category of people, believe me!) I’ll never ever be able to control everyone and everything and I should pay much more attention to what I’m doing and what I need to feel good rather than what I think others should do or require, so the best solution is to let go, not bother, use the energy for something more constructive and much more gratifying…and I really do think I will succeed this time.

    Well, enough of me…..

    How have you fared during Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius, care to share?


    Image: Fuck You by Marion Peck 2008 (I apologise in advance to all who may find this painting offensive, as you know it’s not my usual style but I do find it rather apt)

    Copyright: myskypie.com


    Love the Image by Ms Peck and agree that it is so apt! My Saturn is at 19 degrees Virgo in the 7th house and that square has been a challenge in the relationship area, but I think I have gotten a handle on it and have learned to speak up and not let people take advantage of me as it traveled through my 10th house. Although it will trine when it enters Capricorn, I have my Moon, Mercury Sun in the 11th in Capricorn, so still more challenges to come I guess. I enjoy your posts and hope to hear more of what you think re astrological activities. Blessings!


    Thankyou for sharing your experience Vicki! You might like to start thinking ahead as to what the Saturnian energies will mean for those planets in the 11th house of your chart...you know the "forewarned is forearmed" type of reasoning! warmest wishes, Lynn


    First, I would like to thank Molly Gauthier from Wise Skies Astrology for introducing My Sky Pie to me. Yes, I have to agree with you on the last time Saturn transit into Sagittarius 17th November 1985 to 11th November 1988 it was very similar. Like you, I will not bore you with painful details. I am grateful that you shared these events that are occurring, in the skies. Happy, healthy Saturn steps on the gas trails... ~Barbwire~


    Thank you Barbwire :-)